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She just gave him a handy in the tub, she's now fingering herself
Marta & David / Re: Marta & David Pictures - Split #1
« Last post by bugmenot45 on Today at 05:10:02 PM »
share some pictures guys, thank you
Diana & Efim / Re: Diana & Efim Pictures
« Last post by Cho2vant on Today at 05:07:52 PM »
What a pity Efim have such a bad temper. He really is a little cock. He better be nice to Diana instead of pushing all the time. This game is ridiculous and shows his immature side already mentioned on this forum. Can we hope he grows one day ?

PS)I am unable to attach an image to the message ... Have you ever experienced this problem ?

Oh Look she has an "Innie"
The Old Dudes Board / Re: Juke Box
« Last post by Redmaxx on Today at 04:21:27 PM »
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Cold Chisel isn't the only band in Aus but couldn't resist this one - Khe Sahn.

I was living in AU and heard these guys play and was just blown away by them. We in the States missed out on Cold Chisel, most of us had never heard of then as they had some beef with the US record industry and were blacklisted. The only song I had ever heard was the Jimmy Barnes "Working Class Man" that was used  as a sound track in the movie Gung Ho starring Michael Keaton.
Sofia & Roman / Re: Roman is masturbating in the living room
« Last post by HMFIC on Today at 02:37:44 PM »
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RLC should make a change of this couple's name with  "Sofia & Wanker Texas Ranger" :-)
your right...they should make a change but the apartment name should be 'Another One Bite's The Dust'.
Katya & Ruslan / Re: Katya & Ruslan Pictures - Split #1
« Last post by woodworker on Today at 01:11:15 PM »
Leora's favorite thing at the carnivals is the "House of Mirrors".  The carneys had a very hard time pulling her out of there. 
The Old Dudes Board / Re: Juke Box
« Last post by woodworker on Today at 12:19:47 PM »
The Compass

To see with eyes not open~ To feast with those that are dead
To hear what's not been spoken~ And to speak what's never been said
Until the spell of time is broken~ To remember is to live again

Written at age sixteen
Diana & Efim / Re: Diana & Efim cam not working
« Last post by See on Today at 12:12:50 PM »
They are online again and just went to the cigarette.
Video Links / Re: RLC Video website
« Last post by Iwanttosee on Today at 11:47:56 AM »
Is it just me or are 9/10 videos broke? They either don't work at all, work for a couple of minutes then stop, or the indexes are corrupt.
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