February 05, 2016, 09:45:39 PM
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Re: Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures and Videos February 2016
Last Poster: legrandrobert in Ilona & Danaya on Today at 09:42:56 PM
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Since Danay's arrival I don't see anything at all to complain about her at all,she is like the Irma and Kristy of this apartment,the major problem here is that she doesn't have her quote-unquote "KAMILA or Anna" to play with,if she had another person that she

Re: Kamila & Kristy ~ Pictures February 2016 to ?
Last Poster: euromike69 in Kamila & Kristy on Today at 09:36:16 PM
Hey Bookmaster8,You should already know that I love kamila too,we are just having a little fun with your baby,I would put my baby "RITA"here but the rules say no old photos allowed :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :hi: :hi:

Re: Site speed & other issues?
Last Poster: bannana in Random Discussion on Today at 09:32:42 PM
Since yesterday I experienced issues with the site.  its unoworkable for me.  not that it is slow. it just stops showing video.  then after a minute or two it will show couple seconds of the video and then stops again.

no idea what the hell is happening.  it was fine on thursday when i got my 3 months subscription but now and yesterday (friday) it's completely broken.  i

Re: Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures and Videos Feb/16 to ?
Last Poster: corboblanc in Kamila & Kristy on Today at 09:27:01 PM
euromike, vous avez des moyens que je n'ai pas!!!! :D :D :D :D :headache: :headache:

Re: Kamilaaaaaaa is back !!!!!!
Last Poster: Thestarider in Kamila & Kristy on Today at 09:23:44 PM
Book, that was very hard to watch, it did hurt us because in way we felt her pain and agony. They belong together no matter what happens with them in life. From time to time they will need to get together. They bring the best out in each other, and it's very easy to see why they became such good friends. For that brief moment the worst, Humm like a marriage in way of two hearts and