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  2. Only thing is the old apartment Leora & Paul once occupied has no bearing to the doings what goes on in the current one. The archive topics are not hard to find. The Item will highlight if any posts are within it.
  3. Who looks in empty archive posts for videos? Hardly nothing new in current threads. Posting oldies gives newcomers an opportunity to grow there RLC video collection without having to hunt all over for them.
  4. Ich wahr einmal in Baden-Baden und schickte eine Postkarte mit Text: "Es ist schön hier in Baden-Baden zu baden baden gehen gehen.
  5. I guess this makes them official now 🍷
  6. Today
  7. Good Morning / Bonjour good night / bonne nuit Good morning Beautiful girls Leora and Malia and sexy girl 👸🌟👯 We are a big family camcaps Everyone have a great happy day with joy a great week jeudi 🐈😘
  8. Poor Claudia, I doubt she likes it, but she is addicted to Elon dick... Claudia’s ass is often the main target... 😳 🤔
  9. Just read thru the posts. Martina is not the innocent, girl next door, young lady that I have viewed for the past 3 years. That's OK with me! Over the last 5 months, her B4 visits and affair with Nelly has generated some of the best videos on RLC / CC and other sites. This forum has been awash with posts like never before. Martina and Alberto are still together. Nelly and Bogdan are still together. If it's OK with them...... The "cooling off" period may have been added to as result of events going sideways. Twice in April at B4, the setting was good for a Martina and Nelly "get together" but
  10. Unless you start a fire shifting position... 🤔
  11. Why do you need to know someone before you can tell if she's lovely? 'Lovely' falls into the same category as, attractive, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. You can look at a complete stranger on the street and think, "Damn, she's lovely." Did I miss something?
  12. Consensual violence. Some do it for sport too. Wrestling, boxing, etc. People must do what they like to do for me. But these things are a turn-off for me, so I steer away.
  13. Somebody beat it black and blue. That's violence, IMHO, regardless if it was done during sex.
  14. Well the point is valid, the most hated guy probably since rlc began yet already the threads are growing🙃
  15. Not here, but here. https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/18756-archive-moment-requests-part-5/
  16. Now, there's efficiency for you. Just move the table and you're right into step two...sex.
  17. Same with me, no whiskey. Got really sick from it for 2 days in 1982 when I was 19.
  18. Martina studying all night and early AM. Martina went to bed with Alberto around 4am something. 05:30 am....She is up, on the couch....in deep thought. 05:40 am on balcony...smoke or air. Can't sleep. 05:47 back to bed. Dam, she has some nice swinging breasts!
  19. JenniferMom said "When I hear things like Megan was involved in a lesbian orgy ... two thoughts come to mind: (1) I joined RLC too late; and (2) what happened to her? It is said she has a boyfriend and wants to be true to him. SO HARLEY, SEE ... SOME OF THESE FOLKS HAVE STRONG MORAL CHARACTER! I guess Megan is in a committed relationship. LOL Some of you sweet gentlemen pointed me to some hot videos of Holly ... one with Bruno! Where is that Holly now?" I'm feeling no pain, it's been a good night, so I have to respond to the novices of RLC, which is you mom. No
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