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  2. You all go to bed early. As usual we have Nicole still awake at 0520. But it was sweet when Miguel woke up and rubbed her back to try to help her. She then grabbed his arm and laid her head against it. Her sleeping problems continue. She still wasn't asleep at 0520 but I could not watch her root around that bed anymore. Too many thoughts on her young mind. She even had a long phone conversation with someone where she laughed a lot but alas no help.
  3. All girls go through it from time to time with being uncomfortable with cramps. Wait another 35 years when they develop Hot Flashes. Then you have to send in the to Tame them Down.
  4. That's because the seedy places they visit outside the apartment are dirty as shit or they all do allot of white powder!! Not to mention that but they wash their feet more than anybody i have ever seen. Barcelona must be one dirty place!!
  5. In my personal, unbiased opinion, her period has given her some severe cramps this time. My sis used to do the same thing when her periods became unbearable. It's nothing more and nothing less than she is having a tough time with her period!!
  6. hmm...probably updating her on the witches and bitches....B2 is so dead....unless there is a nicole/gf/bf 3some...
  7. Unfortunately I missed this post until I had seen someone comment on it. You are on my ignore list because you talk more shit than a cesspool!!! How in the FUCK do you know that she never paid Michelle back????? It's shit like this that pisses me the fuck off!! You talk all this shit like you know what is going on in everyone of these girls lives and you don't know shit!!!
  8. Well now they're gone! Do not bring luggage and so if this is the intended couple (and still) to compose the apartment on Jan 22, I hope VH, hit both loose ends there.
  9. LOL....I'm sure allot of these girls probably live there and travel outside of Barcelona. Yes, they may be from somewhere else, but when they travel they make it a point to stop in and say hi to mommy and then travel somewhere else to say hi to poppy!!! I'm sure most of these girls come from broken homes and that's why they do what they do.
  10. LOL there is suckers born everyday. Nora told Nikki to come and give them dance lesson's because she can charge 6 girls for her time........come on man, don't be, easy lol. Nora was just helping her out and that's it!!
  11. thedbear, I agree especially now, she is consoling him and he is a child
  12. I do not think the girl is bipolar, unfortunately we do not understand Russian to know what led her to this extreme. But seeing the timeline we see that it was in the mood and it was some stupid comment from the boy (who I've only seen and did). The girl is not drunk and is controlled, but who still throws everything by land is the boy with his gestures and unhappy comments. I do not understand Russian of course but by body language one sees well who is there balanced. He simply does not admit it and assumes his mistake. I think this is a Russian male characteristic. See also that by the time line at 2:16 pm she had already lost her streak and started dressing. No manager of anger or violence with anyone. See also at 2 o'clock the boy has what I can perceive a strange conversation with Layla and Eric (again without understanding of Russian) and I believe that from this point forward things have begun to reverse.
  13. Yes.....she is sick of trying to come up with new ways to entertain you suckers lol. The honey and milk is cool, but the pill? Theses girls take more pills than anybody I've ever seen. They use some type of lotion (Novocaine...I'm sure) to deaden their private parts as well. What kind of girl deadens their private parts LMAO!!! Sorry.....back to trying to ketchup!!!
  15. Did anyone notice...Nicole talking to someone on phone at 4 in the morning with her bf sleeping next to her ..maybe she is hiring a hitman to get rid of jess
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  17. haha...that nightmare Jasmin....she might return as well..... i was charged with racism for criticizing her.... in my opinion those who had a soft corner for her due to her skin colour, are actual racists...
  18. ah-hah, there's trickery underfoot....ok thanks.. BTW i figure the CC reallifecamfans account is worth about half a million dollars a year, am i close ?
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