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  2. Sterm you got it in one well done!,
  3. They say ' life like it is ' .People argue some times , they fight some times , they are not always sleeping or fucking , let them do . I agree if there are drugs involved , close the app , otherwise its also part of the show !!!!
  4. Request for Thomas's apartment: - sex in the bathroom at 14:56 on Apr 6 - nude chilling in the bedroom at 15:42 on Apr 6 Thanks!
  5. Well they featured gay content, but now I have not seen any of it for 2 weeks...
  6. I guess the previous picture on another page depicting this was racist. In the above picture the amateur looters are almost all white. In the other one they were all black. Scumbags are scumbags, no matter the race or color and deserve to be eliminated from civilized society. Looks like the world's governments are all working on this behind closed doors.
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  8. What room They was in the LR when they did it
  9. I said all of this way back in the beginning of the first thread that ended up locked and people laugh calling me a conspiracy theorist. This is a way to depopulate the world of it's old and least useful. They need to kill off a billion people and this is their way of doing it. It will start a civil unrest the likes no one has ever seen before. If you think there are savages roaming the streets, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  10. It seems that Toto promised to pay some money, in the midle,for that show...Iza was conducting the show until they moved to the bedroom,it was not paid, fhe whole discussion was created and violence.VH TV had to suspend...I dont like Toto.
  11. If you want to really have fun, let's make Amy, Harley, Jabbath, Ridgerunner and Robwin all Mods for 30 days. They would only be able to hide suspect threads and not be able to ban anyone. This place would explode!
  12. Even the poll is skewed. Of the 28 positives, 5 of those are Amy and the alter-ego's of that person. So the negatives are ahead.
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