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  2. Biden didn't write the bill--so Pelosi just has to pass the bill so we can know what is in it. 🤣
  3. Biden might be able to sell the bill if he doesn't tell anyone what is in it. But if he actually tells the truth about what is in the bill it is doomed to failure.😏
  4. 47045428_1934735789976878_4598876368661381120_n.mp4
  5. In the apartment only smoke under the kitchen hood today Masha makes a big exception the boy is allowed to smoke on the computer 🚬 🤔
  6. The incompetence of the Biden government is the problem, not the private sector. When government pays people to not work you get a shortage of people to unload container ships and a shortage of truck drivers to drive trucks that transport those storage containers across America. Biden tax policies will also cause fewer products to be manufactured in the U.S., thus making us even more vulnerable to foreign supply chain problems in the future.
  7. Harley … you are close to disembark CC again .. careful
  8. But I thought we were suppose to teach CRT in our schools because of White privileged people like the Biden family.
  9. But I thought we were suppose to teach CRT in our schools because of White privileged people like the Biden family.
  10. Didn't take anything. But another very quiet weekend night on rlc by the looks of it, so she'd have no competition anyway.
  11. I still expect her back, and common sense says after work at the salon, then cleaning up, she either comes home or gone somewhere with one of them. However, taking the last 24 hours into consideration, don't rule out a crisis chat, which would/will rectify things soon enough.
  12. The patten is the same since quite some time now .. many hours away to happy life and away from prison , some really great masturbations so the compensation is kind of “ mission accomplished “ and life goes on . People are happy , they get what they want . A woman that is only watchable because of her masturbations .. i wonder what more she contributes to the site .
  13. Much better than 30 pages discussing why RLC sucks nowadays and that will never watch again.
  14. Did she take a overnight bag with her. Give her 30 minutes should be home.
  15. And the number of Independent and Democrat voters who oppose Biden and the Democrats' policies is growing everyday.
  16. Never being able to hide my excitement watching a great moment 🤠👽
  17. It's 10pm and it's still off. I think she'll go straight to sleep tonight, if she doesn't decide to sleep away from home.
  18. She is the superstar and main attraction of the apartment , the rest of the girls know it .The others are for the supporting roles , even though they are all enjoying and contributing in a great way . In general best current RLC apartment . P.S . The army is her fans
  19. That's because both the Democrat candidates and the anti-Trump Republicans are Washington,D.C. establishment swamp dwellers who don't give a damn about working class Americans.
  20. It's because they lived there!! What makes you think that the GOV have made a shitload of friends in Barca...friendly enough and comfortable enough to invite them to their apt with 20plus cams pointing at them...🤪
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