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  2. Oh great, he's going to fuck her on the stove
  3. Elle a beaucoup de talent en effet, et en tout... LOVE 😍😍
  4. looking a girl fucking for real is very awful 😁😁😁😁
  5. I don't post because of the Rules, but I am willing to do it for this, Leora is very talented and this art is amazing and shows it. Thanks for sharing Leora rest well.
  6. And she's back, doesnt look like she bought anything or that they had what she was looking for.
  7. This topic is locked please use the new topic for this apartment. Thanks
  8. I so look forward to the time I get to share watching Leora I understand she has a life and she chooses to share that is what makes it so special to me.
  9. A little about love, another country and desperation. The two of them could hardly understand each other. I understood even less, but it leaves a uncomfortable Impression. Very very uncomfortable. I wish I hadn't heard anything.
  10. Don't tell me. The same kind lr lame party games we've seen in B2 and B3 and B4, especially when there is a guy there? Charades and the slips of paper game and twister and cards? Damn, I thought B1 was better than that. This is why I didn't want a bf coming in. I wish Amalia had gone to see him. I know, I've said that before
  11. nope - they have been drinking - some games at the table
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