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  2. Perhaps we could see a repeat of last night's glorious show, My Beautiful Belle but in the light. Please, it would be so GREAT
  3. I forgot to celebrate when I made 600. But it was in the forum of Vanessa and Marqueta.
  4. Great !! Do you have the vid too ?
  5. Second point (prophecy) being effected at this very moment First DP of RLC. Do you need to talk more?
  6. Today
  7. Any idea what they are saying?
  8. As I said, entitled to shower. But I only saw this once. I justify it, because I do not have much of the habit of following D & D. Reasons? Waiting for the balcony. Layne and Mica was a great and pleasant exception.
  9. If you can see that, you know Sasha sees it also. Its one thing, a guy have sex with your girl, Sasha isn't going to like that kind of emotional attachment if he really loves her.
  10. Ive seen this foursome before, not really sexy at all, the girls are, the guys aren't my type other than their giant kielbasas, And i love amateur porn. And if someone feels the need to say" if you don't like it stop bitching and turn it off"! go f yourself!
  11. When you watch Masha kiss TK, it's obvious that this is more than just about sex to her. There's definitely emotions and passion there.
  12. Police just showed up.
  13. Round 2 is on. Looks like Yulia is doing more yelling/slapping around at the older son than Eli. No idea what started it.
  14. Girls up doing a cam show it looks like.
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