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  2. Quizz challenge: Can the Master of the Universe take the alcohol without trouble? (You know who I mean, LOL)
  3. He wasn't kicked because of that but because of cams being covered/shut down again and again and again.. and i don't think this kind of persons that is able to do this on cams bothers with the opinion of "half dozens" cc members??
  4. I think this is the best piece of advice I have heard on CC. Maybe then the message will get home!
  5. That's how too stay Married 50+ Years.
  6. Zack has paid the price. And as someone said before, he has learned the lesson. I don't think he's worst than George. BTW if Grant who treats Lisa nearly every week like shit, can still be in VH, i don't see why Zack can't.
  7. Just wait till the Hot Flashes begin. Nobody will be happy.
  8. On scale of 1 to 10 how weak do you think this orgy will be?
  9. I don't suppose you'd share where else you're going for this? It seems as though I've missed a lot, from both you and Hope, and it would be good to have another source.
  10. In my view this episode vindicates George keeping this apartment going. He has taken a long term view and I have to say for all the flack he gets about his attitude to women some well deserved, he does appear to something of a loyal manager for his employees (as borne out by Foxy).
  11. She scratched during this night.. but don't know if was like she was before or softly (was with two hands).. But already doing on first moments means something Probably she is allergic to him... 😁
  12. because I saw ... yesterday, sleeping, for later she embraced the alan ... particularly, I think it is not yet the official return, but steps in this direction are effectively being taken, I believe
  13. I believe this house/people/guests is part of his business like the other was.. so he won't leave and will have "privileges" here
  14. Bedroom have 3 cams.. the other is placed but not connected yet to VH.. Yesterday was listed but was on the floor not working (probably fall off) We can see the nightvision light
  15. Unbeliable,do they think people forget an rapist...VH just loose all the standards,still few months of subscription after that..will absolutely not renew,at last for some months,maybe VH gains some very needed good balance.
  16. The couple on the pics is new. don't know if there are now other persons in the house
  17. Hey Amy, hope you don't mind we are going to stay disagree on this one. >>He paid what? He received a huge social shaming and backlash. The social shaming let him be kicked out of the project. To me that should have been a harsh punishment for him. I expect him learned the lesson and he will do better.
  18. Disco lights iuksss.But it's an small not very spico blinking ball,so seems it doesn't disturb the cams,at least in kitchen image is still fine.
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