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  2. Freddy & Jeson

    That guy was the shy guest of the other day with the other shy guest, and together they seemed definitely gay xD So hetero LOL
  3. Oh, boy... No, I did not forget that :-) But to me it was obvious that during the session Kira had some objections or second thoughts. More than Nina, she has some things to overcome before she surrender to her feelings. And lets not forget: there was alcohol.
  4. Victoria can be very hot Just a horny outfit
  5. Freddy & Jeson

    The hetero is him? LOOOOOOOL I don't believe xD
  6. Edda & Joe

    Well, you find she is sexy, and I find her a person of strong personality. Some people think she's boring, some people think she's a manipulative. Someone thinks she's too much sand for Kiko's truck. There are those who think that the sex between the two is mechanical, and some people think it is a real nirvana (I think). Anyway as I said adverse and controversial opinions. But indisputable, do not go unnoticed and falls into oblivion like other names that have had in the project. . Today there are those who hope Leora will be withdrawn from RLC. I'm not RLC anymore, but the day and have this unfortunate initiative, the site goes down the curve. Not immediate, but in a very considerate timeframe. Do you find her sexy? I think it's the spirit of RLC in its golden years that was when I first joined and responsible for having joined the premium plan in its second week of implementation. Then it becomes clear how much this name has weight for me. For me! peace on earth and here in the forum CC VHV hehehe
  7. Y'all have a good day. I'm out to eat lunch with my grandkids!!
  8. Regiena, Sher, Renata perhaps today in "B2" ???
  9. Mira & Henry

    I've never seen them before, new people?
  10. Nina & Alan & Serena - Part #2

    Alan and Nina know where?
  11. victoria gonna get dressed like that for exit ?
  12. Freddy & Jeson

    This guest is familiar, Is he one of the 'waiting room guests'?
  13. Mira & Henry

    I'm here right fucking now
  14. What still happens in "B2" Vic & Angie have bought super cool clothes Hopefully no "roof party"
  15. Violet & Jeff

    Нам будет тебя не хватать💋
  16. don't think we will have any party tonight all people sleeping
  17. back 17:47 with groceries back 17:53 from shopping
  18. Zoi & Tim

    Ok thanks groomy and sparkles for the info
  19. Violet & Jeff

    Take care Amy. See you soon
  20. Actually I blame the writers, Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, brilliant though they have usually been with Doctor Who. They just got carried away with their own cleverness.
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