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  2. was that any more real than that totally fake pussy eating where their face would be a couple inches away from the pussy noticed there was no penetration with the dildos then either at least every time I watched them anyways
  3. ...and I'm waiting for my football team, Sunderland, to win the European Champions league...I guess you'll have a longer wait...
  4. i`M just waiting for neia to fuck Dominica with her dildo and we know that neia likes to use dildo on other girls
  5. Talking only about rapunzel,that girl never seen her doing absoluty nothing,now nyusha she did a good number of things for sure.Rapunzel reminds me a lot of Ashley and both are very suited for being on cams.
  6. Viki & Kate

    Only s&c house I know were Sabrina and Carina in rlc.
  7. i meant nyusha could have been gr8, especially after the 3somes. rapunzel is a complete waste.
  8. Viki & Kate

    idk. who were s & c?
  9. Maybe she will get "scared" ofleave and lost the "job" and starts doings things and skin a lot more,remember perfectly the case of Ashley.But this girl seems even more covered all the time.
  10. Viki & Kate

    What house it's the S&C place sparkles said?And what happened there!?
  11. Freddy

    I don't recognise him.
  12. Viki & Kate

    You can't go wrong with fuck€€g dam pulp fiction.
  13. Try to keep it together Golfer! I know it's almost too much to handle.
  14. Freddy

    Freddy and hot guest oral fun.
  15. Nelly & Bogdan

    I think these guys are applying for a flat
  16. Linda & Leon

    When Carrie was there they had some friends,Think family also but it was like we seen,after that only remember an couple guests(an gothic look girl,and an tall dude)but neither was particularly interisting,Think Linda and Leon are cool and with some fun guests things could be interisting for sure.Well Christmas it's near maybe then.
  17. Viki & Kate

    Those who have access to all the cameras today can see snoring daddy
  18. ever since the 3some with mr softee bree hasn't seemed the same. i hope everything is allright.
  19. Freddy

    The guest with Freddy looks a little familiar, is he a repeat customer? Can't watch right now since I am at work for another few hours. Thank God for the 24 hour replay!
  20. Viki & Kate

    All in bed. Dad in bedroom, girls on sofa. Thats it...
  21. Linda & Leon

    linda & leon are gr8 but i have yet to see a party here that holds any interest at all for me.
  22. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    tmc again. i guess this is the norm now. oh goodie.
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