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  2. I was just being sarcastic when I said they would leave clothes on and turn off the light. I didn't think they would do it. I kind of expect the clothes. But lights off too? The one save here is that it's the first time we've seen more than 2 people in the jacuzzi since the orgy party.
  3. Do you mean baseball bat Amy3
  4. peter should make an excuse to go to the lr now.
  5. One day you're going to put some holes in that box and look outside of it. She has been a cluster fuck!
  6. I could watch these Twins play cards naked all day....Didn't I say a similar thing about Angel...
  7. la video est dans le fil de discussion...
  8. I feel bad for Peter. I think he really could shine without that Buzzkill Emma.
  9. Nicole could have been the best we've had at RLC, if it were not for her behavior. Unfortunately many promising that destroys itself (Milena eg)
  10. You mean spoil the party and turn the lights on while they stand in the doorway and force them all to watch Anna get anally destroyed.
  11. whay a fucking think I've had this sub for a month tomorrow. This is what i get. No more
  12. Hope Anna and Alex will do the right thing and not join the silly3
  13. lighting candles. looks like a lights out & bathing suit party. oh goody!
  14. Unfuckingacceptable!
  15. those fucking candles who gave those to them
  16. Seriously Amy. Did you really expect the silly3 (I except Peter who wanted get naked) get in there without clothes?
  17. Shit, here goes the lights. Russ! Damn!!
  18. never really like emma...
  19. No no no! No, fucking clothes in the jacuzzi!
  20. Just unbelievable Peter wanted to get naked for jacuzzi and Emma stopped him
  21. Anna should play the jacuzzi video stream on the tv in the living room. That's what I would do.
  22. You play 1 card strip poker when the object is for people to get naked. They're probably playing a pair of jacks or better to open.
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