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  2. Thanks did not know that. I thougth Demid still with her
  3. Minors on cam in realm1: Please take action @Voyeur House TV
  4. Jabbath reread the tweet. It say's Dasha only no Demid. I read that they had a fight on RCL and she packed and left.
  5. They are my favorite couple
  6. The failing cameras at B1 had been playing up all evening and we were plunged in total darkness almost an hour before the girls came back...
  7. Jeka needs the doll and the cat That way he can say he has 2 friends
  8. Well I guess those guys (Dasha & Demid from RLC) will be the replacment for them due to Mikas pregnancy (Pic only shows Dasha)
  9. Good to see Lina in action again Hope she is feeling much better
  10. It was a general statement about some women. Not necessarily these women.
  11. I am again negative in the morning because of the events of last night at B1 I think that is not a coincidence the loss of the cameras at the time of the return of the girls. I think not to break the regulation of CC saying this .RLC does nothing to prevent speculation Again is only my opinion
  12. I agree with you, do not have the first time that does it, but the timing makes me say what had an appointment. Putting perfume only on her ass, is strange. I do not criticize, just I Notes.
  13. Today
  14. Which suggests she will be meeting people that she wants to look good for, that's when she bothers if she is going down the store of roller skating she does not bother.
  15. If they go to the beach , the temperature will be no more than 19, quite cold for a swim.
  16. Hang on a second though, I have been watching Belle for the last 45 days and on most occasions she has not bothered much TBH so I notice when she does take the trouble. She most definitely has to today.
  17. She does that a lot and maybe so people don't talk about it when she comes back without. As I have said I have seen Leora and Nelly especially do the same.
  18. A lot of young women will not go out the door without trying to look their best. It's a women thing. Trying to figure it out will just make your head hurt.
  19. I know but the new rules are a bit Draconian if you ask me and more suit others. Trolls are trolls and we just need the mods to do with that. I am uncomfortable with the whole "We can't talk about ..." situation. What we needed to get rid of of was the abuse and the name calling.
  20. ... swimming in that ... honestly ... See when I see them go to beach before last October they just went out to the beach. Caro did it all the time, didn't spend an hour beautifying themselves. Maybe it is a photoshoot but this amount of trouble to go to the beach?
  21. Think Rosie was on the phone to Angel and selected some clothes for her and put them in her bag. Im not going to imply anything about where they are going just how good they look !
  22. I watched her put it on and Rose zip it up for her. It is a one piece outfit. What I see is a casual outing.
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