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  2. Nina & Alan

    A looong Handjob...
  3. Anna & Alex Part #3

    It was typical A & A stuff bad lighting and bad angles, I enjoyed Zoi and Tim's house more last night
  4. a & a cams

    alex & anna are very experienced with showing themselves on cam in every conceivable act & position & are not camera shy at all but they still don't know how to get themselves in the best places to be seen by us. with new cams supposedly coming soon i hope that they will keep in mind that we enjoy seeing them & don't want to see a blocked out view of things.
  5. Catlyn & Tarra

    now it`s four days since tarra has moved into the apartment together with catlyn but i have not seen tarra have slept in the apartment yet ?
  6. Margaret & Tony

    Her big titties are swinging again
  7. Volga Apartment - Split #1

    Fair enough, at least you've got a philosophy behind it.
  8. Anna & Alex Part #3

    i was just checking the 4some vids & the camera angles are not good. are a & a ever going to look at their vids & correct this stuff? what could have been really good will be average instead.
  9. Does Sofie know the guy has gone and she can take her panties off now...
  10. Anna & Alex Part #3

    I would want to call her Merida (from lookalike Pixar Brave character with same name)
  11. Moritzmax, I wonder what you would have to say if there was not this apartment. You repeat yourself a lot....
  13. Ummm. Maybe shes just bored...
  14. Volga Apartment - Split #1

    We really don't see the need in that. The villas' life is based on the co-living, parties, relationship etc. Which will be impossible to gain when they all live apart. It's just the way the project is. It can also happen so that the new apartments will appear. With only one couple. Or 2 couples like Greenwood. But that will depend only on the new tenants' ideas. We are opened to any format of the project. But for now its like this.
  15. Translated into English with Bing Comparing this apartment with Kamila and Kristy a year ago with the "is-condition", because one notices that the priorities of the girls today are different. She has bought the business and the time in her job makes it impossible to celebrate the great parties with the angels in the RLC apartment. They have become boring for us "spectators". RLC is a business, so RLC needs to consider keeping these girls and annoying us, or rather try to re-equip this apartment. Vergleicht man diese Wohnung mit Kamila und Kristy vor einem Jahr mit dem "ist-Zustand" , denn merkt man, dass die Prioritäten der Mädchen heute wo anders liegen. - Sie hat das Geschäft eingeholt, die Zeit in ihrem Job lässt es nicht mehr zu, in der RLC-Wohnung die tollen Partys mit den Engeln zu feiern. - Damit sind sie für uns "Zuschauern" langweilig geworden. RLC ist ein Geschäft, also muss RLC sich überlegen, diese Mädchen zu halten und uns zu ärgern, oder lieber versuchen diese Wohnung neu auszustatten.
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  17. The world has gone crazy .. August 19, 2017 at. 1058 : Eight people injured in knife attacks in Russia Eight people, described as random pedestrians, were injured in a knife attack in the north-Russian city of Surgut. The alleged perpetrator is shot and killed by the police, reports AFP.
  18. Morning Rosie...I was being a bit sarcastic ()...I didn't follow the early hours since I was asleep but apparently he pointed at the cam early on and was pretty much talking to the cams later when he was pissed off that he had to sleep on the couch...
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