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  2. wooow mira in the past with him you had the most fun fucks, I wish you it would happen tonight too....
  3. And the figures are so accurate, right? In Florida it has been discovered that some test labs have had test positivity rates of 100%, 98% and 73%. LMAO
  4. always a thank you to anyone's effort to post.....but honestly RapStar 49 this is just too scarey.... you could have done some editing....I mean Real Life is sometimes just not that pretty...... but I scrolled fast enough not to be scared too heavily.... peace and post
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  6. No, no three times no! Barney is a big annoying purple dinosaur. This is a bear who just had major surgery. I don't have any nicknames off the top of my head right now, but Barney is definitely NOT a contender. Come on guys, we can do better.
  7. The choice is either socialism or capitalism.That's what this election is about. In 2021 either Joe Biden (socialist) or Donald Trump (capitalist) will be president. That's an easy choice for me.
  8. there will be the day our Queen's friend will climb up that table. mark my words - I know what I'm saying, hehe. 😉
  9. Come on you guys, it's easy peasy. Sundance is next to Kira, Butch is next to Nina. Why is it so hard for you all to tell them apart?? 😆🤣😂🤣😂 Butch = 🐈 Sundance = 🐈 😁
  10. The girl's are talking very quietly. Tbh, I think they are being respectful to Piper and Taylor, who are Zzzzzzzzzzzzz We've seen many examples over the years where the girls haven't respected their housemates or the neighbours with their noise levels...
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  12. Master Chef Kira excelling in the kitchen, as always, preparing extremely thick pork chops in an iron skillet, with carefully selected spices, along with beautiful long-grain wild rice. I bet even Chef Gordon Ramsay would be impressed with her expertise. (sorry, I don't know any Russian 3-star Michelin chefs, but will research) 😋
  13. LOL no worries mate, remember he's riding the cotton so you're safe 😬
  14. OMG Val is on fire tonight ,her and her gf dancing. She is so hot & sexy 🙂 love her moves Jab can we get this in the archives ? Thanks 7 15 20 approx 2300
  15. Haha yep, that's why I added the edit that my snaps always show up in reverse order for some odd reason. Some day I'll figure it out. 🙃
  16. I think you US guys have to think real serious about these forthcoming elections...Fuck Covid and all that shit...😏
  17. I can see it now---as President Kayne West introduces the First Lady
  18. Canny West..as I always call him. Much to the annoyance of my daughter
  19. thank you life+90, she too is very pretty and sexy. You have video with guest girl?
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