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  2. Mary & George

    I can see what oldstalker says,George seems very "intense",maybe yoga would help or something,myself don't want diferent situations(at least for now),think their best chance of success it's this situation..the three togheter.For exemple i watch them a little from time to time but today watch them for hours,of course the reason the trio.Hopeful tomorrow no one will get drunked and they will "deliver".Basicaly will be their.....redemption.
  3. Em & Sid

    She's just a normal girl. What she needed, however, is a man .... one with experience. You said that Sid took some things when he left. Did he bring his suitcase back? Or has he already moved into another room outside this project? A room for him and em ... without spectators. Maybe that's why Em cleaned the rooms so hard.
  4. Sofie in Black... Naomi in....not sure whatever.. Monica in sexy white,,,
  5. what is she doing? She seems to constantly stroke herself. does anyone see more
  6. A glass of wine... pictures. sexy lingerie... looking awesome and a smile on her face... happy Monica...
  7. Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    very very drunk the guest fell out of the extra bed where they were
  8. Dean & Candy

    Dean & Candy aprt. dead Bree & Drew aprt. dead Em & Sid aprt. dead Zoi & Tim new but again dead
  9. Nelly and Bogdan is at the party! To me, he doesn't quite fit in with this group. That probably explains why he plays a game with the virtual headset while Nelly mingles with her friends. I wonder if the other girls know how lucky Nelly is,
  10. she must be talking to her boyfriend
  11. Ray & Polly

    When you get too frustrated with this apartment, spend some time and take a look at Zoi-Timor Sid-Em place. The you will fall in love with all other apartments. That is why VH keeps Sid around.
  12. les gars son la pour picolé pas pour anna ......
  13. je pense que le gars de Monica regarde RLC car elle a reçu un sms puis elle a mis un sous vetement sexy pour lui
  14. Actually, what am I thinking...The red number usually means lights out...She wouldn't have gone to this trouble to look that sexy and switch off the light...Wow girl, you look great...
  15. Nice Monica.. looks like sexy bridal lingerie..
  16. Monica, you look fabulous in your new gear but you don't have to go through all that trouble for me, you know...The little red negligee will do just fine...
  17. New B and Ps for monica.. pearl white... nice and tight..
  18. looks like ana has 5 guys for her belated birthday gangbang!
  19. Thx its a good and fun movie, one thing I dont understand is why they dont use subtitles instead of russian speech.
  20. He may look young, but sure isn't acting young. A young kid would have had an orgasm right away with a someone like her. It took him a while but he finally did and was quite the gentleman cleaning it off of her.
  21. Nice cushion Monica but it would look much better behind your head...
  22. Zoi & Tim Part #2

    well for armature porn shows we have more than 15 or more apt. in VH. for semi real voyeur house we have this one and and one or two more apt.
  23. Otto & Lola

    Made a ticket for cam5...
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