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  2. or the other crazy theory ( instead of them working for RLC ) might be that they came with their car and they parked it in the garage and used its door to enter the Villa instead of the main entrance ( I know this makes very little sense, so they must be working for RLC ) 😁
  3. If even Leora collected this blessed penny...😆 maybe Malia could lend it to her.
  4. If the guest guys really are network engineers, I wish they would fix the feed on cam 5-5. It keeps freezing (all other apts. and cams are fine)
  5. Of course, it could be a typo, not for the first time! I'm just thinking why she wouldn't be back Sunday if the other people have to be, that's all. Maybe they don't, maybe they do indeed have Monday free as well. That is very possible of course. I see that Malia did really well last night, both live and in replay. Not only a fine bate, but she kept the interest steadily during the evening. Good for her! Compare that with the poor ratings for the 'Big Party' with dennis bin laden the night before..... Maybe, just maybe, the penny will finally drop?
  6. Theres a water pipe... Does anyone no what is in it? Fruit Tabak like Shisha or drugs? 🤔
  7. Noldus,doesn't understand me literally,i live in a country next to Greece and i know very well who this person is!I asked DDHM when Alexander the Great called the visitors to the villa!
  8. Anyway, let's wait for Sunday and see what happens. Your idea, even if it was just for fun, is not so far-fetched. Or maybe rlc put a wrong date, this too would not be a surprise since monkeys work there...
  9. Well, i learned a long time ago, not to always take things at face value!
  10. Yep, the thing that bothers me most is this. Confusion, contradiction and half truths. If her intentions were clearer i might as well accept that she is away for x days.
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