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  2. A 'letter' may be confusing, as everyone has a letter of their name and he may think you mean that. It's an envelope-shape that he needs to click on. Sometimes instructions seem obvious to those sending them and less so to those receiving them.
  3. You’re welcome. Hope you’re getting your brains fucked out too! 😎
  4. They all 3 looked in worse shape than when I got home early Friday morning. I'm surprised they even made it in one piece but I'm glad they did.
  5. go to your account, click on the logo in the shape of a letter and that's it ;-)
  6. I can mention a few exceptions, but somehow I feel I shouldn't. Quite contrary to Leah, Nadia has potentials for exceptions. She just needs more time...
  7. Haha yes that was one of the greatest moments there 😄
  8. Don't we all like exceptions? Like how Logan fucked the shit out of Em?
  9. Only exception and the only time Obi had sex there
  10. Nice sex with perv Nathan and Oxana. Thanks for the pics @Amy3 👍
  11. I'll just leave it as is for now. I am expecting a Surprise.
  12. Too over-complicated. It is quite simple. They are young. Enjoying each other with no commitment while they are making some money. She has a nice ass, so we get entertained. Isn't that a win win? Plus, their friend will join soon and as a group they make more money and we will be entertain even more. This is not Violet and Jeff situation. If things don't work well for these two, they have nothing to loose.
  13. They have become a very boring couple. They almost always have sex in the dark and he has no enthusiasm. It looks like they only have sex for visualizations: there is nothing natural.
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  15. kimbee67

    Suck husband

    Suck husband
  16. @StnCld316 I guess move this whole forum to the voyeur style forum would be in order.
  17. Old recording of mine hope u like (2017-08-07) MyAirBridge.com | Send or share big files up to 20 GiB for free MAB.TO We will transfer your files easily, safely and rapidly from one place to another. You can send them directly to an email address or share files using a unique link.
  18. i will stay i sing and dance as long as the flowers and butterflies and sun are speaks with me.❤️:heart:❤️

    1. ipiratemedia


      💜Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful. Like a garden, It blooms much fairer When carefully tended, By those who care. Once in a while, you come across a friend. Who is as beautiful as a flower, With a good heart to lend.

    2. ooopel


      Oye hello are you here!! my dear @ipiratemedia, oh long time never heard about you ..I mean a long time like as hours maybe more than a few days for me I think  it's so long!! and oh dear,it will stay the hope there such like the breathing has never going to stop till the heart stop from beating ,and thank to goddess,you still whisper as I know you, but even in dark tunnel one candle plus one butterfly could make any heart may survive from any darkness as long as it  still can hears words from someone is coming with him the rain.. always..dear Joey.❤️🦋🌹❤️

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