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  2. 4.30 : We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. đŸ€”
  3. I wouldn't give up hope yet. Just like with Kristy, there are two apartments they can go to. It would be fair for them to spend about 50% of their nights together in this apartment. He was already in her room. The first step is done.
  4. fake as real life show poor as web cam streaming live show pathetic. pity she is fuckable
  5. Well doesn't Leora look beautiful, must have a hot lunch time date. Just a little jealous I can't come too!
  6. @letsdothis & @Kjeld Carlsen my last access to "lighpics" is Wednesday i don't know how it's possible but some of the last pictures stay for me , i have refresh like you said and all are gone except i can see page 14 & 15 & 16, do you know another good host one i can use to re-up all ???
  7. Apart from watching you Leora go about your day in your apartment I love horses and horse racing. Honestly being an Australian how could I not love horses. Now I as there in 2017 to watch the great mare Winz win the Cox Plate wow what a day that was. Winx Wikipedia Winx (horse) - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Leora you'll love this song and the day.
  8. Finaly seems cam6 sound issues are solved!After many many days of MN is finaly fixed!
  9. Quality is the basis of all successful businesses. Without this, any future development will be very difficult. VHTV has not yet understood this simple rule of the modern economy. aking VHTV a quality program would bring benefits to all the protagonists of the project: · VHTV could retain its subscribers and acquire new ones. · Both owners and tenants would increase their revenues. Making quality means: 1. Reduce the number of apartments. What is the benefit of having 40 apartments if half are inhabited by mummies? 2. Inform very well the new tenants what the subscribers expect from them. 3. To oblige the owners to equip the apartments with excellent lighting and to remind tenants to always maintain good lighting. 4. Review the position of many cams and - if necessary - add new ones also placed on tripods. 5. Remind tenants to always keep in mind the position of cams when they have sex. 6. Prohibit sex under the covers or cover the cams. These operations do not seem to me very difficult to apply and the results would be useful for everyone. I await your comments.
  10. Leora when ever I fall at your feet... Leora one of my great loves of life is music and Australia produces some of the best music with meaningful words. Enjoy
  11. Synopsis The beginning : In the year 2022, the population has grown to 40 million people in New York City alone. Most housing is dilapidated and overcrowded, and the homeless fill the streets and line the fire escapes, stairways of buildings, abandoned cars, subway platforms, etc. Unemployment is at around 50%. Summers are oppressively hot and humid with temperatures over 90F degrees during the day and night due to Earth's recent climate change resulting from the Greenhouse Effect. Food, as we know it in this present time, is a rare and expensive commodity. Most of the World's population survives on processed rations produced by the massive Soylent Corporation, including Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow, which are advertised as "high-energy vegetable concentrates". The newest product is Soylent Green: small green wafers which are advertised as being produced from "high-energy plankton". It is much more nutritious and palatable than the red and yellow varieties but, like most other foods, in short supply which often leads to weekly food riots... Synopsis le DĂ©but : En 2022, la population de New York a atteint 40 millions d'habitants. La plupart des logements sont dĂ©labrĂ©s et surpeuplĂ©s, et les sans-abri envahissent les rues et bordent les escaliers de secours, les escaliers d'immeubles, les voitures abandonnĂ©es, les plates-formes de mĂ©tro, etc. Le taux de chĂŽmage est d'environ 50%. Les Ă©tĂ©s sont extrĂȘmement chauds et humides avec des tempĂ©ratures supĂ©rieures Ă  90 ° F le jour et la nuit en raison du rĂ©cent changement climatique de la Terre rĂ©sultant de l'effet de serre. La nourriture, telle que nous la connaissons Ă  l’heure actuelle, est une denrĂ©e rare et chĂšre. La majeure partie de la population mondiale survit grĂące aux rations transformĂ©es produites par l'imposante Soylent Corporation, y compris le Soylent Red et le Soylent Yellow, qui sont prĂ©sentĂ©es comme des "concentrĂ©s de lĂ©gumes Ă  haute teneur en Ă©nergie". Le produit le plus rĂ©cent est Soylent Green: de petites plaquettes vertes qui sont prĂ©sentĂ©es comme Ă©tant produites Ă  partir de "plancton Ă  haute Ă©nergie". Il est beaucoup plus nutritif et agrĂ©able au goĂ»t que les variĂ©tĂ©s rouge et jaune, mais, comme la plupart des autres aliments, il est rare, ce qui entraĂźne souvent des Ă©meutes alimentaires hebdomadaires... Original trailer VO :
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  13. Leora Throw your arms around me..... Leora your love the words, to me music is about the words and the meaning they have.
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