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  2. jabbath1987


    Better make a ticket then...
  3. Just In


    It fell down later and the blonde picked it back up, it is still out of position though.🙂
  4. We shall speak about fictitious marriage instead of legal marriage, which is forbidden well in Russia. But bravo in this couple to dare to live its homosexuality in a country where it was have to be obvious. Admirable!
  5. @Mira&Henry This picture actually made me think of this:
  6. No, i don't have more pictures of her. I think, i have about 10,000 pictures of different women
  7. jabbath1987


    Pretty sure she will fix it tomorrow...
  8. It may not be easy but they work around it. More power to them.
  9. jabbath1987

    Kristin & Steve

    Of course you can...
  10. What's going on in the bedroom?
  11. StnCld316

    NHL Stanley Cup Final

    Don't feel to bad. The People that Root & Cheer for Toronto Maple Leafs haven't seen a Stanley Cup since 1967. I don't think anyone has told them in Toronto what the word Leafs really stand for. LEAFS = Losers Even After Fifty Seasons.
  12. Sparkles

    Becca & Ben

    didn't saw that.. but title seems apropriate !!! I think i only saw the other with the priest Soraia Soraia 😎
  13. @Mira&Henry, Mira does your kitty act like this too.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Russia It is not easy for them, they once talked about it
  15. HarleyFatboy

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    I'm not a big Pink Floyd fan but I do like that song!
  16. fasterboss

    Becca & Ben

    the movie is Call Girl😉
  17. goodone

    Kristin & Steve

    can ı see my blood vessels if ı use same cam.? no need to go doctor for occluded blood vessels.
  18. Emma and Julio watching a movie in English in the LR.
  19. Maybe things have changed in Russia. They were Married close to 18 Months ago. If Incest is Legal in Russia then what should it matter if Gays & Lesbians want to Marry.
  20. szupika1

    Kitty & Smith - Videos (2018)

    Kitty 2 guest girl shower videos maybe?
  21. Gloomy atmosphere, not a word, not a smile, the day maybe badly passed or they doubtless quarrelled, one more time...
  22. letsdothis

    Staged Voyeur & Exhibitionist General - Part #2

    I didn't see that in the rulebook, anywhere. 😋
  23. Sparkles

    Becca & Ben

    Well said 😎 By the way, which one??
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