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  2. prague = barcelonne tous sur leurs tablettes 🤑🤑
  3. I have a curiosity and I don't know if someone already talked about it. Do they (tennants in general) watch or have they ever watched each other on rlc? Like, do they watch the other apts and houses? I'm asking because I've seen this happening on vhtv for example
  4. As long as you stay away from behind the sheep 🐑.... hahaha
  5. they don't watch movies... they're watching a video on malia's phone, of a girl answering people's questions, the girl is very crazy..hahaha and there are men who are very funny with their comments... it's a funny time... hahaha
  6. Hey, friend... I'm back... many people prayed that I wouldn't come back, so that I could take the lead... but I'm here to screw those people over... hahaha
  7. Imagine what tonight would've been like if Monica had been watching porn!!!...😏
  8. what movie they are watching. I would like to see the movie
  9. comme tout les êtres humains télé boulot dodo 😁
  10. Well it looks like another ho-hum day of us watching them watch movies
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