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  2. And Grace is suntanning with nipple tapes!!!!! WTF. I don't know to be angry or to laugh.
  3. https://mab.to/ATJzDkP5j https://www54.zippyshare.com/v/9FeV2D78/file.html
  4. Masha out yet might have to do with the new funny compromise agreements.
  5. it's an evidence for me, it was not a couple before enter in the house, I don't understand what rlc tried to do
  6. Fxxk where is our pal Harley to come tell us they are now having round 3 with Pam & Karla??? I will be really pissed if they are having round 3 with Karla and not showing it on cam 🤬 P.S: Just kidding Harley, i like your comments in this forum.
  7. It looks like last night's action broke the internet. 😂
  8. Yes I remember the 2 other girls now who didnt do much, one of them had bf over also I think, I remember the girl (Malina I think) and bf was sleeping out in one of the lounge couches by the pool.
  9. Strana situazione, Dick sembra preoccupato, e mi sembra che non sia mai uscito alle 13 (locali) per andare al lavoro.... Vediamo se arriva qualcuno a consoare Jane
  10. Is that what RLC said was going on with this apt. ISP issues ?
  11. I think I got my names wrong, I am referring to Anastasiia (blonde hair I think) and her friend Malina. Both Anastasiia & Malina bated but undercover. But up to now, Malina did the best "undercover tub bate" I have seen so far on RLC but this is OT. Miroslava stayed in the big room too with Megan, she also brought in her big stud boyfriend and those marathon sexxions. Yes she had long dark hair, always did a lot of face cams and kind of love to bate. Don't remember the glasses.
  12. Wonder what could be the reason to put it UM for so many hours, something must be going on. Maybe they wait the guy leaves and then put it back online.
  13. Wait Miroslava wasnt that the dark haired girl with glasses ? Who was kinda hot and even baited. I get some of these girls mixed up so correct me if im wrong.
  14. I'll be the first to tell you that blockers aren't perfect. That's why you run more than one. What one doesn't catch, another will. But, they definitely work and work well. IMHO, it's unfair for you to say that hotscopes should be avoided because it's the worst site. It simply isn't true and doesn't hold up under scrutiny. I play and download videos there all the time without any problems, as do other CC users. If you take the necessary precautions for surfing the Internet, not just hotscopes, and use a download manager, you should easily be able to play and download videos from hotscopes and many other sites, as well. Except for the ones that have been deleted. There's not much you can do about those. On the other hand, if you don't take those precautions, you have no room to complain about popups on hotscopes or any other site because they are easily avoided. Also, create a free account on hotscopes and login with it. That should help, too.
  15. Ho god..Gess they didn't fallow the crap Barca scrip(like Mikey,Blair and their çrew do)and they are being "punish".Hope this doesn't mean they gona start with the shows(massage,girls dildo,dude apears and receive massage also bla bla).They were nice last night.
  16. Wouldn't that be difficult to find since Ruta is mainly naked most of the day.😁
  17. Worst isn't because at least till now he doesn't beat up her,but is bad and they really don't seem an true couple,honestly feels they just got together for the house and job.
  18. Unfortunately, once again the house is not online: this time an ISP problem! 😡
  19. Masha still out so really starting to believe she gona recruit another "girlfriend" nun for the show.Think she will come after this guest leaves.Couldnt agree more with you my friend.
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