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  2. je suppose que pour faire ce genre de commentaire, il faut être parfait c'est à dire sportif, avec une vie saine, des tablettes de chocolat, ect donc imbus de sa personne ^^ étrangement, je ne pense pas que tu sois si parfait Sinon Viola est la jolie brune
  3. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Video) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus - YouTube otra que quizas os suene
  4. ¨j'adore leora elle et trop belle quant elle s amuse miam et avec malia sa seras peux etre une nouvelle experience
  5. Viola, c'est la grosse blonde ou la grosse brune ? Franchement, à leur âge, elles devraient faire plus attention. Et avoir un équilibre alimentaire plutôt que de faire 3 mlinutes d'exercices et se croire musclée et mince...
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  7. Sterm you got it in one well done!,
  8. They say ' life like it is ' .People argue some times , they fight some times , they are not always sleeping or fucking , let them do . I agree if there are drugs involved , close the app , otherwise its also part of the show !!!!
  9. Request for Thomas's apartment: - sex in the bathroom at 14:56 on Apr 6 - nude chilling in the bedroom at 15:42 on Apr 6 Thanks!
  10. Well they featured gay content, but now I have not seen any of it for 2 weeks...
  11. I guess the previous picture on another page depicting this was racist. In the above picture the amateur looters are almost all white. In the other one they were all black. Scumbags are scumbags, no matter the race or color and deserve to be eliminated from civilized society. Looks like the world's governments are all working on this behind closed doors.
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