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  2. You already killed the moment sir.. Seems you hate them or maybe you envy them ..
  3. That visit was quite pointless as never anything will happen with Stifler and a different girl than Darcie.
  4. That music was quite a hit in most of VH places
  5. What fav apartments..most good houses,couples are gone,actual rlc is a parade of naked girls in cams doing shows,Leora situation shows what route rlc gone..Kristy is alone in Barca with her friend..like it or lot she have a partner and shares her life with him,were we will just see a small percentage of her life.Hope i don't see my fav girls that i watched in normal houses returning in this GOV houses,it's taking them and taking out most what made us fallow them in cams daily.Were in GOV Kristy will do more or less the same type of things of things,situations all other residents in GOV do,and many couldn't be more far from real life.
  6. 0709 Amber to bed with Kate. Her old room i ready for 🙂
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  8. Just like they all say...Do as I say, not as I do.
  9. Well, if she dropped it in there, it's gone forever. Cavernous.
  10. Sad to see Amber leave, I think she could have stayed longer if she has a friend or made a friend in this project. I like her because she isn't too skinny, doesn't play games with the cams or hide from them & bates with her fingers. It is a pity that we don't get to see her fuck on cams but I would say this, she is always welcome to come back with her guy! Take care Ms Amber
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