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  2. i'm sure its me or my computer but your videos is the only ones that dont work for me i get "This item was encoded in a format that's not supported." i get everything video player sound but the screen is black.
  3. Ho capito tutto , dopo il rapporto lesbo ora quello gay !!!!!
  4. So now the Catholic Church decides to go full-on Fascist? Abortion rights: US Catholic bishops face clash with Biden WWW.BBC.COM US Catholic leaders begin a process that may call for the president to be barred from Holy Communion.
  5. The GQP strategy of simply blocking all legislation is going to cost them dearly. As his voting rights proposal stalls, will Joe Manchin’s dreams of bipartisanship ever come true? WWW.YAHOO.COM Sen. Joe Manchin’s latest attempt at bipartisanship — a compromise on voting rights legislation — has again received a cold shoulder from the Republicans he’s attempting to win over.
  6. You couldn't wait to drink a cold freshly poured Belhavens Best.🍺
  7. @StnCld316 as Daleys has commented, can you please update this board.
  8. Today
  9. Change of hairstyle often indicates new events 🤔😏?
  10. I can't tell, I just noticed that only 1 bouquet flowers came. last year there were a few more
  11. Correct, they could have left the radio on or TV for the poor Koala to listen too.
  12. Federal judge orders Sydney Powell and fellow conspirators to appear for sanctioning WWW.DAILYKOS.COM A federal judge has just ordered Sydney Powell and her fellow “kraken” co-conspirators to appear for a sanctions hearing on July 6. Federal judge Linda Parker ordered Sidney Powell and other attorneys who...
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