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  2. So the guy probably works for RLC , or why else would a plumber from Moscow be doing plumber work in Barcelona?
  3. can you invite me please!

  4. Zelensky wasn't president until May, 2019, dumbass. Trump knew the previous Ukrainian president was corrupt and did not want Trump to become U.S. President. You are the ignorant pig weraring lipstick.
  5. Could be like that or she may not want to.. She seems way more interested in some of the girls then other dicks. The lesbian party of yesterday was going great for her but as usual quickly interrupted
  6. That's a perfect description of you, except you're still alive.
  7. If that is the case, then I hope she goes toward the path that Anastasia went. If Jakar fucks around, she should be allowed to.
  8. Whoever the manager is, these 3 girls should get their own apartment. The 3 of them are great participants. BTW, the new girl arrived with the guy. Awkward !!
  9. good morning everyone very good night very good morning leora and malia everyone has a great happy weekend bom dia a todos muito boa noite muito bom dia leora e malia todo mundo tem um ótimo final de semana feliz
  10. If it is, it's not only for VH since they already hosted photos on twitter from before VH. I believe she could feel some envy cause all the other girls receives much more attention from her suppose guy then herself. she is the left overs when nothing else is there Totally agree Would say annoyed for have to be with that machos when just 10 minutes before she was relaxing. Clearly she doesn't belongs to these guests habbits
  11. I think she is totally annoyed by these guys.
  12. I don't think they are in a relationship. To me they are more of a business partners. She is far above him anyway. She can do much better than him.
  13. Today
  14. Wow, you never know if an action is about to happen in this place. The apartment introduces some of the best women in VHTV, but this Jakar guy ruins most of the scenes. He is a total waste. I wish they replace him with a more level headed male participant.
  15. Exaclty.. She was sad/pissed.. looking to nowhere as happens regularly because was forced/asked to leave her own bed for his "suppose" partner go fuck another female. Normally she goes hide seated in the shower with the water running for long periods of time
  16. You might get better results talking to a corpse who's brain has been removed.
  17. You mean this one? Do you think she was jealous?
  18. He wanted him to do the "right thing" in 2019, but not 2017 or 18? You keep putting lipstick on that pig, but it isn't helping.
  19. Anything that says Laura Ingraham Report is pure conspiracy theory bullshit. Shes a liar who misinforms the public. Now I know what's wrong with you. You need to watch The Brainwashing of my Father.......immediately.
  20. I notice.. even put the photo showing lilka face in the couch at the time of the first round 😉
  21. The sex with this girl was really nice. I am surprised why nobody noticed.
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