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  2. Jane still crying.....and staring at her phone...
  3. That's not what I said. I was only talking about hotscopes specifically, which is what I said. As I said, if you see a popup start to load, just press Ctrl+W and it will close immediately. That works with any popup or tab on any website. The companies that design and create the AV software, anti-spyware software, etc., do not also create viruses, spyware and other malware. These companies fight viruses, etc., with the software they design. That's like saying people should avoid the Internet. Are there dangers on the Internet? Sure, that's why it's necessary to take the proper precautions by using blockers, AV apps, etc. If you don't protect yourself, you're just a target waiting to be caught in some nefarious hacker's trap. I have a suggestion. Disable those ad/popup blockers you're using then try to play the videos on hotscopes. If they still won't play, it may be that Flash Player is not turned on in your browser(s). Since it's being fazed out, browsers don't usually activate by default anymore. You have to do it manually. See if that helps. This will also help. Create a free account at hotscopes and login. That made a difference for me. It should for you, as well. I hope this is helpful.
  4. I will add on for you, here comes her friend Tori too. Except now is summer time and naturally these girls should go out and enjoy the sun. Adelita, Ariela and Olya have been doing it for days since summer arrived and now because these 2 zero content girls are doing it you are commenting? Edit: And to give you some context, last summer even the big room's "boring girls" Miroslava & Malina suntanned too. And before them, Blair did her suntan and more 🤩 at the balcony. That was truly, to quote you, "whats not to like".
  5. Grace suntanning topless by the pool, whats not to like 😛
  6. Thx m8 I dont watch this apt. so often so had no ideea 🙂
  7. yes it's strange for me also, me when I go in vacation I take a short a tee-shirt and let's go, I will check CB for see if they continue camming or not I don't think VH tell us the verity
  8. Of course I take everything I have for a month vacation. They won't come back...
  9. No, she's Dasha's friend She was also a guest at Eva's with her boyfriend 🙂
  10. Who is that girl in the hot tub now ? It's not Masha or Dasha is it ?
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