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Amy & Sheldon

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Apartment Topic for Amy & Sheldon.


Note: We don't allow Camarads Uploads to Public Boards on Cam Caps.

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On 1/11/2018 at 2:07 PM, Bodychecker0815 said:


Does anyone know what's going on with the guy?

My best guess is that he is disabled and runs some kind of business from home. I think that Any is a mail order bride of some sort and she is content to be with him. He offers her nothing in terms of sex and he seems to barely appreciate her as a woman, as a lover, or even as a person. I'm hoping that she will slowly crawl out from under his spell and take control of the relationship and bend him to her will instead. Otherwise, I wish she would find a way to escape him and find a real man, who could treat her like the beautiful woman that I think she is. 


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