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So when I woke up about 40 minutes ago, I was surprised to find two bates in my email inbox. One of them was Angie with the big toy I've read about.  I would like to critique her bate with the toy and also because it's one of the only bates of hers I've seen...


1)  I loved the way she fucked that toy.  I don't mind watching a girl use a toy when they are really pounding themselves with it, but most of the time I prefer them to just use their fingers.  I know it could have been harder and longer with the toy but it was still pretty damn good for the short time that she did it.  She seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

2)  I loved when after she was done with the toy, she put it up and then got out of bed for a few seconds and when she got back in bed she just undulated her hips as if she was still fucking the toy. I thought that was kind of hot.


1)  I didn't like the covers (duvet) in front of her when she started bating but she did move on to her side for a better view.  All covers should be thrown out, never to return again!!

2)  I didn't like the fact that she kept her panties on while she bated.  I don't understand why she and some of the others do that.  If they would just take them off, that would be one less thing to distract them and the viewer!


All in all, I thought Angie was very pleasing to watch during the bate!!

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Only the worst resident i seen in my two,three years of Rlc.

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Best one in my five or six years

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