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Monthly statistics for the different sites here

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I'm wondering one thing, are you basing your comments on the latest numbers or looking at the entire line of the graph?
Because in my opinion this kind of graph should be read in full and I find it rather interesting to see the fluctuation of the different curves
We can see that there are ups and downs during the period of the last 6 months whether for RLC or VHTV
And if we look, RLC despite the fall of the month of November is still very much higher than the figures of June while that of VHTV is simply slightly higher
All this to say that I would not bury one project in relation to the other because things are still evolving quite quickly

what worries me the most is especially the constant descending curve for some time compared to CC

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Yes--Camcaps is the only site with an increase in visits---all the other sites have a loss of visits I have noticed an increase in the number of unhappy,  complaining, people ---that must be the reason for the CC increase. 😏

November 2018

Dammm.VHTV is really catching RLC,just one year ago rlc had a several times the amount of numbers of vhtv now..less than double.Well done rlc..continue with the dolls house and the endless barca girls rejoins.Please dont open new regular couples houses,with plenty of real life in it,neither guests or new residents..keep same way because its obviously working great......................

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