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BlueBee.tv - New Cam Site - Looking for Models

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Hello everyone!
I’m new here, my name is Bobby (or Robert if you’d like smiley.gif).
I’m really excited to be here and share with you a cam site that we have been working on recently, that site is called BlueBee.

BlueBee is a new website that gives its audience a clean experience with a clean, friendly UI, and unlike other sites - has no junk, clutter or ads.
We want to serve our audience exactly what they want by implementing only the features that the community truly need.

Before we launch the site to the open crowd, we’re looking for models to join us in our journey to make a great place for models and viewers alike.
At this stage, the number of models eligible to join BlueBee will be LIMITED TO 100.
This is in order to give every one of our models MAXIMUM EXPOSURE during our campaigns.

Chosen models will receive:

  • 100% share for 3 months.
  • Appear on our campaign ads (models who wish to appear on our campaign should let us know - there are only 10 slots).
  • No chargebacks
  • Feature on BlueBee’s home page.
  • High exposure during campaigns due to the limited model number.
  • More rewards will be exposed later on!

Want to join?
Apply here: [email protected] or sign up on the site: https://bluebee.tv
If you have any questions, suggestions, features that you're looking for in cam sites
or anything else, we'd really be happy to hear from you! 


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