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Does Anyone Else Find RLC Boring Now?


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9 hours ago, michael cooke said:

I totally agree....I only log on to see if any of the previous couples have come back in another location......and when I do log on, there is nothing to see anyway......I wont be renewing my membership unless I see my fave girl again (Nelly) :-)



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I think it would be great to bring some of our favorite people from Moscow to Barcelona for a holiday.  We could catch up with Kristy and Mara with their boyfriends in a different location say for 30 days and enjoy their real life holiday. 

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It's sad to see RLC go in the current state.  I've been watching the site from the beginning of their creation and watched it grow with much interest.  It was never JUST about the sex, to me it was about the relationships and studying the differences of culture.  I'm sure the developers had a reason for the direction they have decided to go, it's too bad, well..... for me....  It's been interesting and I've learned.  There is no other site like it.  Oh, I know, there are live cam sites, BUT, just not the same.  RLC had a certain quality about them.  I'll keep checking each and hope for a return..........

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