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Felicia & Felix (2019) Part #1

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2 hours ago, jabbath1987 said:

Funny the play clips with dolphins as these are animals who often do orgies and group sex too. Conicidence? 😁

FeliciaFelixGuests19.thumb.JPG.28a835c631352d7a1381b115a2fb6b8b.JPG  1

That is funny, I read that the male dolphins corner a female and have a gang bang on her. Lucky girls!

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Il y a 12 heures, plum a dit :

apologies for being critical...I usually really enjoy partner swapping on this site... there is precious little of it.
..But.... Wasn't that the most unpassionate foursome you have ever seen?
Felicia..bless her, and I really like her, isn't the most vocal person during sex, but the guest girl was totally benign... she appeared to me to be bored by the whole thing.. not a groan or a sign that she was enjoying the swap... didn't help that Felix had "performance" issues I know.. but there was not a scrap of passion between these four... it seemed that, and I'm no Russian speaker, that during the sex they were going through the motions, disinterested, the bouts of conversation seemed that they were Probably discussing their shopping list, or what they were having for breakfast tomorrow.
Weird.. cold, bereft of any lust or enjoyment at all between the four of them.
I think the guest girl must have ice in her veins.
Rant over.
Have a nice day people.

Indeed, the blonde was very sexually passive. She liked getting her pussy licked at first. No carresses between girls either.
Well, not all girls are hysterical nympho: this is changing!

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