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Cap The Fewest Number of Premium Members Online


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4 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

There were 10 anonymous people at the time. They don't count. The point of the game is to caputure the fewest premium members, who are visible.

Never mind, I thought you had to be logged in to the who was listed as being on the forums,  but I just tried and you do not have to be, so therefore, your name would not 

appear along with the other premium members if you did not log in.  

Anyway---enjoy your game. 😏

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1 hour ago, FelixTheCat said:

Wow, I caught only 3. A new record. Only bluewinner, letsdothis, and jawis. CC is dying. I do have to wonder how things might have turned out had the admin listened to me. Oh well, water under the bridge now. Nothing lasts forever! We’ll almost nothing. 🌹💕💋

When you posted it was 2:30 in the morning EST.  Not many are online at that time of night.   

The summer months are always slower on the forum.  

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1 hour ago, jjkopite said:

Although I do think the new VHTV forum is having an effect on CC's numbers.

To a certain extent I agree. However, I joined and haven't seen much reason to abandon CC. That site is harder to navigate, seems to be disorganized (although that may be I am so used to CC) and the comments seem to be about who can talk more S**t. There also seems to be a growing and vocal gay presence, at least around Amalie & Lucas. I don't care about them being gay, but I would rather talk about boobs & pussies than hairy balls & legs.  I think eventually the CC regulars will be back, and I have seen comments of newbies to that forum migrating here. The one BIG advantage is that the participants have accounts there, and seem to use them.

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7 hours ago, FelixTheCat said:

None of the premium subs right now are viewing any VHTV apt. 

I think your big problem is that you feel like there is only vhtv on CC

It might come as a shock to you but CC existed before VH came to the forum and it will probably still exist after VH left 😀

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