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2020 Apartment Topics

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All the Apartments General Chat Discussion Topics have all been changed for RLC & VHTV. 

This Year for 2020 I have decided to set them up according to the Time Zones of each Apartment. All 11 Reallifecam (RLC) Apartments are in the GMT+1 Time Zone and they will change all at the same time. The Old General Discussion Topics will Lock at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 31st which will bring all the RLC Apartments time right to 12 Midnight January 1st 2020.  All that is left to complete are the Picture and Video Topics for RLC and those will be completed Sunday.

For VHTV Apartments they fall into 4 different Time Zones of GMT+6, GMT+5, GMT+3 & GMT+2. They are also set to Lock the Old General Discussion Topics and Unlock the the New 2020 General Discussion Topics as per Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Apartments all change December 31st but at different Time Intervals. GMT+6 will change at 1:00 PM, GMT+5 will change at 2:00 PM, GMT+3 will change at 4:00 PM and GMT+2 will change at 5:00 PM.

Note: If you live in a Time Zone other than EST the times may be different for some Members.  I can only work with what I have available to me.


The Admin of Cam Caps and the Moderators wish each and every Member a Happy New Year.



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