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Trump--all about Trump, Trump bashing, Trump praise, defending Trump

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The guy's a Total Fucking Idiot.  Does Nations Business by means of Twitter that runs on short paragraphs.    His EGO is stuck so fart up his own ass he can't even smell his own shit.

Did Trump storm out of coronavirus briefing after he failed to have CNN reporter banished | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The White House tried to move CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins to the back of the room before Trump started his Friday coronavirus press briefing. I don't understand why the President of the United States has to squabble with correspondents, be it they are from CNN or any of the 'fake left-wing media' as he likes to call them and cannot ju

I'm sure the person who created this meme meant it to be funny. I changed the number to reflect a more current reality, but I didn't post it as a joke. You're right, Happy, it isn't funny. It's nowhere near anything funny. It's extremely sad that the leader of any country, and especially one as technologically and medically and intelligently advanced as the US, would cause and allow tens of thousands of people to die needlessly from this virus. He is completely devoid of anyt

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