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Over the last couple of months or so we have been experiencing issues with the forum software we are currently using. Some issues we currently face are changing of Avatars and/or Cover-Photos, creating New PM's, viewing Attachments from the Attachment Center as well as a few other issues.  There is a new version of forum software in the works. When it's to be released is unknown at the present time. I myself check the software developers website almost on a daily basis trying to see if ther

Hi Harley,I don't have a clue what you are all talking about which means I don't have to think about it!!👍 You won't hear me complaining cos first of all you have to know what you are complaining about.😀 Have you ever thought that there might be quite a lot of CC members like me who are not very P.C. literate. Yesterday I did my first ever video call via zoom and the state I got myself in before it!!!😥but it actually went ok.Maybe I should have had a practice run with a family mem

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11 hours ago, Benny19 said:

Why are the languages only in French and English? Where have the other languages like German gone? When translating

I have brought it to Admins attention that Google Translate is not on the Forum Pages.

All Browsers have an Add-on extension. You will have to install it from the Browsers App Store.

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8 minutes ago, daerjohn2015 said:

The button is back, thanks STnCld316

Thanks for the info.  I never noticed it as I have been busy doing some other tasks.  I see it in the top right of the page.  


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