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She's currently several hours on laptop. Does she cam ? If yes, which site please ?

Camarads doing what they do best, filling places with crazy people 😂 Not sure who the couple sleeping in the LR is but they are having a crazy fight. The brunette is going through all emotions; shaking with rage, yelling, crying, teasing and laughing at the dude, hitting him and the furniture around, sometimes looking like she's summoning a demon... and the dude is laying down on the bed yelling, grabbing and hitting her back whilst making sure to occasionally play with his dick. And h

Hello guys ,  Im new here , its my first post . I just created my account specifically for this topic .  I was online and watching while they were covering the cams . Yesterday I sent camarads a complaint on their email address  . I am a returning customer and told them this kind  of behaviour is not new . other participants use it too . I saw this once in Anne s apartment when a new couple stood there for a night and covered the cams .Even worse some time ago Anne was in apartmen

Ha all our angry emails worked, Camarads obviously told her (Ina or Alexandra, have no idea which is which) off because she had sex with her boyfriend yesterday and they didn't cover the cams. Of course it still sucked because it 85% under the blanket but there were a few good shots.

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