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Nudist beach erections

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I was a member of a nudist club once and it wasn't as if everyone walked around with a boner. I am sure that I was pretty average in being totally aware of every lady being naked, but generally, the activities were normal. That doesn't mean that night activities did perk up a bit, but daily public ones were pretty bland.


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Le 7/21/2020 à 6:14 AM, Curious27 a dit :

Sometimes when I'm at the nude beach and some of the women come to pass by, naked and / or in a swimsuit / topless, I always think that they are looking at me and it ends up causing erections that are difficult to control.

It also happens to me with groups of women who are lying a few meters away talking to each other and say some "keywords" along with giggles.

It is usually embarrassing as well as worrying that it will make them uncomfortable.

To those men who also go to nude beaches, any advice?

Well when I was working in Spain some years ago, I made a new friend at a nude beach when she spotted me with an erection but thankfully all was good.

She has a great sense of humour and made me felt at ease. We even went for drinks right after we left the beach.

Since both of us went to the beach alone, we became 'beach buddies' and that went on until I left the country.

So it depends on your luck really, sometimes you get looks, sometimes you feel that they are talking about you but sometimes you might make a friend.

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56 minutes ago, lazyeye said:

jerk off twice before going to the beach ....that should kill any urge to get hard ....


Piss! I'd be happy with just once anymore! 😄

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13 hours ago, TBG 150 said:

Piss! I'd be happy with just once anymore! 😄

Me too Big Guy,I can remember back in the day it would get so hard i would have to push it down to keep from pissing on my stomach,  but now i have to hold it up to keep from pissing in my shoe's.        that's so sad GIF by Arika Sato

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