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What do you think about the new CC rules from 1. September?

What do you think about the new CC rules from 1 September.  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the new CC rules from 1. September?

    • They are hopeless, I want the general threads back under each apartment
    • They are ok, It's much better now
    • I do not care how it is

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2 hours ago, Foamy T. Squirrel said:

Speaking as a member, which I am, I do not disagree with you. This forum is a USER forum. We've had many Rules (which should not be necessary with civilized humans). The Forum design and even the OS software has changed with the times. However, should it be apparent that the new system or Rules are not working -- nothing here is set in stone. It can be changed. It's a user forum. We've altered the form of this Forum many times.

You, and all members, are an important part of this forum. We all of are the Elite.

Ultimately you control what is seen, and what what you wish to harvest for your thoughts. And you also can make the Forum a living Being...




As my fellow woodland friend, you have nailed it again.

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It was possible before to make your own threads but no one really did that because they liked to talk and discuss in the generel threads. So why do you think they would suddenly do this now? The only reason would be because they have no other choice, but what I think is they will just stop posting and the forums will be dead with almost no activity cause no one wants to make a new topic just to say someone is having sex or someone is doing this and that. The generel threads kept everything toget

They tried introducing this change last year...or was it the year before. Didn't work then and won't work now...Imo there was fuck all wrong with the forum so why change it...

Screw the rules and fix the problem with uploading an Avatar... That alone would impress me! TY...

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If you haven't noticed, the site is mutating again. Hopefully for the better in terms of user functionality. Massive new improvements.

So -- everybody post. Funny comments or tits; squirrels don't much care.

So post tits. Gotta see if tits work here. I like tits. Everybody likes tits. Even people who have tits like tits. Females with tits like to show them; males like to see them. Well, mostly, unless they're trying to grow hormone tits and are jealous of the xx chromosome people.

Report problems -- but only site software problems. Report weird behavior to the Mods or Forum Admin and we'll try to address the issue.

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