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I understand what it must look like for people that don't understand russian ,but what you are observing is not the full story,  as everyone knows  malia was meant to have gone home months ago , and other guests had been planned to have come  during the summer.  But 2020 has been a fucked up year for most of the world.  End of the days the girls are trying there best from the situation they are in.  The big change for leora is what happened with paul earlier in the year , that knocked

Ste, I admit that if I'm in RLC, it's because of Leora ... Yesterday was a breath of fresh air ... but you can see the negativity in that apartment for a long time, without Malia being in the apartment, you could notice her presence, I felt like Leora was not completely relaxed and I noticed that lack of joy, energy that Leora has always shown to have. Leora has always been a very active person, she has always had a busy mind (reading books and watching educational programs) and her hands bu

I have come to the conclusion that she has yet another talent, that few have. That, being able to breathe through her nose, while being able to not skip a beat in her conversation. This is not a recent talent. Paul did not stand a chance, once she got wound up.😉

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2 hours ago, Aussie_oi_oi said:

Please Keep the Subject Matter to Leora.  If you want to talk about Malia please do it in the Fan Page Malia.

I like this page. That striped shirt looks really hot last night like the one's she wore in apartment 1/2 great style.  Her new comfy short's are also amazing

I know shes been wearing shorts since she started way back but only Leora can make them so Red Hot

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Interesting that Leora decided to spend the evening in the living room and she was enjoying it Hookah and music on the tv Malia wasn't expecting that.

The evening before was the same Leora decided to watch a film with Malia in the living room have to say I prefer to see this than the two in her bedroom.

That's Leora's Bedroom for her Only. Hope they stick to the living room in the evenings but doubt it.

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