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Fans of Malia and Leora Massages & Masturbation Sessions

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Non succederà più nulla. 

Però una cosa voglio dirla. Malia deve masturbarsi più spesso da sola, non può sempre masturbarsi solo con Leora. Anche stasera non è riuscita a raggiungere l'orgasmo nemmeno impegnandosi. 

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In my opinion Leora and Malia as a team are second to none on CB. When I reflect back on the past year when Malia first joined Leora and would only get into her bra and panties in front of the cam I am amazed how far they’ve come. While I do enjoy watching them bate solo most times I would much rather watch them laying together on the bed wearing a cute nightie or t-shirt and enjoy each other’s company as they caress one another sharing a movie or television show between them. There’s nothing ho

I understand how you are feeling to an extent e. But in all actuality, they do live at the apartment. Also, since there was some lovin' expressed yesterday from the participant that happens to be a favorite of quite a few, quite possibly more for that participants fans than themself, I would have thought you would have been satisfied and content again, if no more than for the time being. 

Of course nobody has forced me to do anything. this is an open forum, I can comment about any participant and his/her activities as I wish. nobody forces you to read, if you don't like it, just skip through. now go back to leaving sad and confused emojis 🤣

Even if many praise the simultaneous bates , I think they are kind of  “ pushed “ , like something will be happening and they are at the moment performing daily  .. most probably I will be wrong , but personally , if the element of unpredictability or anything new “ comes on the table “ ( yes , Leora had the dildo in the ass next to Malia for a change  ) , personally speaking again , it doesn’t  give the same pleasure than watching them ( especially Leora who is the master of course ) by themselves ( we have never actually watched Malia , except when she needed to , so as to cover Leora’s absence , but she has never bated before sleeping for example alone in her room , even NV ) . It also feels kind of stressy for Malia trying to cum when she knows that Leora has finished , the viewers are waiting the same from her , pfff , too much stress on Malia’s shoulders when it should be pure pleasure first for herself and then it will pass automatically to the viewers . 

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