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B5 COV Bonnie & Rama / Alexandra and Lucian - General Topic 2020 #9 (September)

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his name is Noldus 

Why??? If it weren't for them paying to see RLC--you wouldn't have a fucking clue what was going on. 😏

In any case, it would be good if P&T would remain in the project. I hope that RLC will continue to blur the line between GOV and COV and will also have couples in B2.

Just now, Noldus said:

so you're back....

Not entirely lol...I got tired of switching back and forth when a lot of what I would post in Rant & Flames was "Rated PG". So I decided to come back partially until someone says something that I just can't ignore and then I will have to take it elsewhere.

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4 minutes ago, HarleyFatboy said:

NOW TD....what does this have to do with my questions?

I think we're talking past each other

HF just tick it off

My English isn't the best either, I honestly admit to her

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2 hours ago, Tuc Diwer said:

HF They are so good to reblitz. I got full broadside from you.
I lie in the corner and cry. Please never do that again, I need my daily stomach massage.
Melina or Martina, both had a book in their hands, and some in B4 had an instruction manual (keyword: scales in the kitchen), but it didn't do anything.

and I do not want to annoy anyone here.😂



Where do you found that they so good for me? I despise them

2ed I meant mostly to the COV and GOV pepole 

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7 minutes ago, rebliz said:

Wo haben Sie festgestellt, dass Sie so gut für mich? Ich verachte Sie

2ed ich meinte hauptsächlich, um die COV und GOV pepole

HF = HarleyFatboy

and now I act like HF:

Not sure what you are trying to say here so I will just leave it alone.

I wish you a nice and relaxed day / evening




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