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Discussion:2019 Novel Corona Virus (Covid19) and It's Political Ramifications #5

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Again, so you finally understand. No one in the world gives a shit about Trump or the US election when it comes to approving or rejecting this drug. For you this asshole Trump might be some kind of god, but the rest of the world just laughs about him.

Even after a Vaccine is released people will still be masked up for a very long time as the Vaccine will not work for everyone.  Also you'll have Anti-Vaxxers who'll refuse the Vaccine. 

The exact opposite can also be the case. This is the reason why studies are made and only after the results are known, a large-scale application is carried out. With hydroxychloroquine there have been no clearly positiv studies so far. That Trump chose this drug as a miracle cure for his propaganda some month ago is worth shit. Additionally you should be aware that a single case has no real meaning. Nobody knows how Trump Covid-19 case would have turned out without all the drugs. Only appr

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On 10/6/2020 at 5:37 PM, O_U812 said:

You have lost all relevance, as far as I'm concerned.  Now go sink with your dear leader's ship.

I'm fairly certain that's true of everyone on this topic.

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On 10/20/2020 at 3:19 AM, moos54 said:


here is an article for you which advocates the non-existence of this virus which kills, and it kills anyone


A FITNESS influencer who thought Covid-19 didn’t exist has died at the age of 33 after contracting the virus on a...


Some people at age 33 also die from the flu. I thought you believed in science. Check the statistics for deaths by age groups from covid-19. It is very rare for someone age 33  to die from covid-19 unless they have a preexisting health issue.

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17 minutes ago, letsdothis said:

Were you also wearing your maga cap?



No, I wasn't wearing a MAGA hat because there were too many Democrats in the restaurant not wearing masks that I didn't want to piss off.

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