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US General Domestic Politics #11 Begin 11/10/20

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6 hours ago, SPYING 1 said:

Golfer06 and 0_U812 are snow ❄ flakes that need welfare, cause they come from a long line of welfare recipients. They'll never succeed in life cause they're too lazy to be a productive citizen of the United States of America. They will always be a disgrace of the human race 





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They did, although they worded it a little differently...🤣 It might be hard to believe, but the National news stations on this side of the pond actually tell the truth....😉

In February, 2021, a man goes to the White House to see Donald Trump. He is told by the Marine on duty that Trump is no longer president and that he no longer resides there. Three days in a row the man returns to see Trump and each time the same Marine tells him Trump is no longer president. On the fourth day, the Marine finally asks the man why he keeps coming back asking for Trump when he already knows the answer. The man replies, “I just love hearing you tell me Trump is no longer the pr

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In Mary L. Trump's book about her family, Too Much and Never Enough, there's a moment referred to in the index as the "mashed potatoes incident."Apparently, young Donald was a major pill almost from birth...


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14 minutes ago, golfer06 said:

total assholes. how is a murderer your hero? you are a total idiot!

tenor (11).gif

tenor (49).gif

tenor (80).gif

When you reach puberty you'll understand what self-defense & protecting life & property is about

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