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Martina and Alberto - home activities #1

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Funny to read all the comments from the Martina fanboys that are "let down." So quick to praise her and kiss her ass when you think she's a perfect little angel but the second she shows she's an actual woman who can make decisions for herself and has a life she wants to live and now the fanboys are quick to turn on her. Complete and utterly ridiculous. Last night made Martina infinitely more interesting as a person. To be a real fan of anyone is to accept them as the person they are and not

Wonderful morning sex, nothing special but real and honest. True excitement and real orgasms. What a contrast to these silly B 5 games. I wish Alberto was a bit more attractive. If he looked like me it would have been a spectacle for the eye. But I can‘t be everywhere. Don‘t take me too seriously. I am a friend of irony.   

Question... why do you give a shit about what us "fanboys" think about what's happening to this ONE girl.  Fact is that we're fans of hers specifically because of who she is and the fact that she's not like the rest of them.  If doing drugs, fucking around on her long term guy, and descending into the pit of shit that the rest of them wallow in makes her "more interesting" then why bother with following her?  Just stick with the rest of the other shitheads.  You obviously get off on the coke sno

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