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I have finished reading the comments about what happened between Martina and Nelly and I have to say that there are some that have me puzzled, I understand the frustration of some people who are only subscribed to RLC to see sex (on the internet there are thousands of pages and should not have to pay) but what I do not understand are the subscribers who are here to see some reality and when they have it right under their noses they complain that they hide from the cameras (as several foreros hav

Just to state also my point of view of the incident between N&M and the heat they gathered hiding their interaction . I tried to comment on it also while it was happening , they absolutely didn’t care about RLC , viewers and whatsoever . They did whatever they did absolutely real only for themselves .They felt attraction to one another as two normal people will feel at similar circumstances and they let their passion do the rest .   They didn’t care for more subscribers , more

RLC doesn't give a flying fuck about their subscribers, you know that Stone. They are only a shadow of what they use to be. They let this kind of shit go on all the time these days, piss poor business management. 

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6 minutes ago, ddhm said:

Well done to the guys ☺️

That why we need more guys, even when Cesar is the only alternative. Look at this party before and after Zac and Cesar arrived. It changed the dynamics completely! Alot more fun!

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