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Bogdan he can go missing forever, no one will miss his sorry ass.

from memory, I believe that we have already had the information about the absence of Martina and Bogdan but apparently it does not seem to have pleased people who rather want to believe Harley and his theory that they spent this time to fuck together 😞 In fact the reality is much simpler and more logical, Bogdan simply needed to discuss with Martina regarding the relationship they may have with Nelly, he expressed his point of view regarding the situation, they concluded that it was prefera

Isn't that what all the tenents are here to do, have a good time and make money from it and to make as much money as possible? Good luck to them I say. 🙂 

49 minutes ago, HappyChappie said:

I can do Hot dogs with proper frankfurter sausages. 🙂 

Give me a hotdog with mayo, mustard, chili, purple onions, and grated cheddar any day!!

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