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il y a 38 minutes, Sparkles a dit :

yes it's more difficult to find vodka at russia then visit sadie and her pussy isn't the opening door of the apartment to anyone 😂

yeah, Sadie the Russian Messalina ...and my dear Noldus the crazy photographer 😂

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In the street, there are still a few people waiting for their turn

You can donate for new😁

The density of a human body is approximately equal to that of water, i.e. 1 kilo = 1 liter. These two luscious creatures weigh approximately 70 kilos each, that is to say a total of 140 kilos, so by attributing the density of water to these two bodies we obtain approximately 140 liters. All this to say that when Sadie takes a bath with her friend, she saves a lot of water. She only needs to fill the bathtub to 1/3. Sadie is a very dedicated environmental activist.😊

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21 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Still 14. She fucked him before...

If she keeps going she'll be in contention to go for Misty's record.   :biggrin:

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