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US General Domestic Politics #10 Begins 04/02/21.

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4 minutes ago, StnCld316 said:

It will be interesting if he does run.  Trump if he should run would have a real contender.  Trump won't find any dirt to dig up on Dwayne Johnson.    Dwayne has one thing Trump has never had and that's charisma.

And what exactly does Johnson want to do if he is elected president?  Or are people so fucking dumb that they will vote for him just because of how he looks?:huh:

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12 hours ago, golfer06 said:

Since last year, approximately 440 Cubans have died from COVID-19, giving Cuba one of the lowest death rates per capita in the world. Cuba is also developing five COVID-19 vaccines, including two which have...


You really believe any information that comes from the Communist government of Cuba?

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5 hours ago, golfer06 said:

we have a lot of laws. but you are simply trying to distract from the gun problem. the shooters were not immigrants that crossed the border. they were american citizens.

We don't have a gun problem. We have a crime problem. I know many people who have owned guns for most of their lives and have never shot anyone. 

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