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B4 Girls On Vacation - General Topic 2021 #38 (April)

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il y a 2 minutes, Noldus a dit :



Posté(e) il y a 1 heure

Gina has always impressed me
Last in bed and usually intoxicated, but when she gets up, usually as one of the first, she is ready in good shape.
Now she's cleaning up the fitness room 

And also spewing her ring up in the kitchen sink😛

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9 minutes ago, Mauri said:

Why did the DJ leave the equipment there?

They did it last year too, being picked up by car later today I think. (None of them were able to drive last night)

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9 minutes ago, Noldus said:

L'hanno fatto anche l'anno scorso, sono stati ritirati in macchina più tardi oggi credo. (Nessuno di loro era in grado di guidare la scorsa notte)

L’anno scorso erano rimasti li a dormire e poi la mattina se ne sono andati con l’attrezzarura, il DJ era l’unico ragazzo non ubriaco 

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