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Gina and Bruno - Home activities #3

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This should be wide enough

Zac, with his coloured tuft, looks very much like my toilet brush that I use to clean the toilet bowl.

YES    How many of your friends show up at your house / apartment with suitcases, flop on the couch, eat your food, and take showers.  I have had plenty of family and friends at my house, Pizza night+beer, movie night+beer, dinners+beer, cookouts+beer, and the common thing is ......they don't bring luggage and stay.   

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Amazing how RLC has been trying more and more to replicate VHTV...now with this apartment, they have managed to exactly copy a typical VHTV place.  Complete with fights, mistreated pets, transients and complaining neighbors...lol  The only difference now is that VHTV has way more apartments AND IT IS A FUCK A LOT CHEAPER!  Congratulations RLC!

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8 minutes ago, Fagen said:

I wonder if this was Ginas old place where she lived before b1 / b4. Or if she had another place.

I heard that the place has been rented as a tourist apartment (via airbnb or equivalent) in the past 10 years.

That explains the weird floor layout, nobody was permanently living there before RLC made a mid-term (🤥) rental.

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Gina is dancing now but she is emotionally hurt. She needs a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, someone to hold her, someone to reassure her she is a great person and should be treated better.   Sooooo, when can Zac ( Curly's friend) make a  move on Gina tonight? How long a wait time....20 min, 35 min, 1 hour? What is the proper protocol for a guy to make a move on his buddy's girlfriend?  

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1 minute ago, nagachilli2 said:

They've outstayed their welcome now, imo...

They go in there use their bathroom get water all over the place causing it to leak below, help themselves to the food and and a place to stay for the night.  Not one of them will say Thank You before they leave because they are poorly mannered.

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