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a great Titanic movie to watch in the company of your girlfriend 

Leora love Malia 

Malia love leora. 

Great boyfriends 


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Paul.   Talking about the 💩 putin speech at the victory day parade 

And not just that - More real life with the 2 hour Skype call with Paul, where he and Leora didn't even speak for long periods, just watching each other on screen. Simply happy to be in each other's company this way, him doing his thing, her doing her thing, just knowing the other was there, quiet together on a Saturday night, ahead of a big day for Russians. Paul clearly under the weather and so she spent the time with him. Doesn't sound much at all written down does it, but i found it fascinat

As its the hottest day of the year  and both girls are wearing  bikinis ,  i believe the girls have  gone to the park to sunbathe. 

Good Morning  /  Bonjour

good night   /  bonne nuit

Good morning Beautiful girls  

Leora and Malia and sexy girl


We are a big family camcaps

 Everyone have a great happy day with joy 

a great week





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