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1 minute ago, ed2 said:

I have made my point. We seem to disagree about how much nudity is necessary to show. I like Stephie, exactly because she doesn't walk around naked all day, or worse, in underwear and stockings, like some even sillier tenants seem to do. Stephie wear normal clothes, and generally acts very natural. If you don't like it, you can watch literally any other woman on VH.

What in the h is wrong with your brain --I pointed this out as a good and unique quality of hers --You are the one arguing that she is like all the other girls --You are a waste of time on this forum--I love Stephie and she is my favorite and the point of my post was her modesty-- I went to alot of trouble to post picture after picture after picture backing this up --You tried to post naked pictures of her that were only available when she was about to have sex--

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Cool! First time I have seen anyone in a wheelchair visiting any of the apartments! As someone who is in a wheelchair myself, I like it! It helps bring focus to the fact that we are not just people with a disability. We are normal human beings too! 💖👨🏻‍🦽👍🏻

If he starts masturbating in his wheelchair he could call himself a stroke of genius.  

Yes she is sexy as all fuck    

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Could Alex&Anna have anything to do with the takedown?.The party's have stopped, there's rarely anyone there,it's a big place and cannot be generating much income.They've maybe just called time on it after their recent visit.Who knows, time will tell. 

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Thanks for contacting us. Realm has been hidden due to possible rules violation. Please, wait a little until we are sorting everything out. We are working 24/7 to provide our viewers with safe and legal content of the best quality, and would be very thankful for your understanding in this case!


Best wishes,
Voyeur House TV Support

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