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B2 Girls on Vacation - General Topic 2021 #14 (June)

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6 minutes ago, SierraTM said:

Not for whatever reason.

You can agree or disagree but it does not mean it is not pure bullshit for girls like Riya to join this project.

Fuck your nonsense about 'some may like this, some may like that and whatever 'their own taste' mean. RLC is porn website, and there is only one straight route down this hole.

If you are talking about watching pretty girls on a media player, there is always YouTube for your kink and for your kind.

If that isn't enough, there are plenty of torrent sites to feed your fellow pals' craze for Riya, whom I repeat, did nothing for the paying viewers.

And just in case you try to brand me as a hater, let me tell you this too. I don't really like Leora or Radislava but I understand they contribute to this project so I am completely fine with them & don't speak ill about them.

Think, RLC's membership is not free.

That's just your opinion which is  BS. 

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1 hour ago, bluewinner said:

Well, nothing is going on anywhere else, so people see two girls lying on a bed and they hope something might happen 😁

B1, B4 and amira having another girls night out

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Etonnant de revoir Anna et Lola ici à RLC, après plusieurs années d'absence! On les avait complètement oublié... RLC semble avoir du mal à trouver des jeunes filles nouvelles qui pourraient booster leur site! Anna et Lola, c'est du passé!!... 

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8 minutes ago, corvette84 said:

I have never seen her, so I don't know if she has ever done an open bate.

I remember one that she did in Rabi's bed years ago...:smile:

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