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Kazantip-House (2021) Part #1

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On ١١‏/٩‏/٢٠٢١ at 11:14, sr71gn said:

Seems Stevie is pregnant - it's frustrating to see one of the most perfect girls on vhtv to lose this amazing body - shut up, you fucking idiot to put her in this state....

screenshot (4348).png

2 months pregnant
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12 hours ago, Noldus said:

Benjamin and Faye back (From Monday)

I repeat - time is critical. She was interesting almost 2 years ago (or when she appeared at Sergio's and brought new people). Now it is deprived of any potential in the foreseeable future.

As, Diana, when she is last with Scott apt - she was free, wild and did things like the golden days VH without cameras. Now I have 0% information. 

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15 minutes ago, sr71gn said:

Sabrina is so hot and he cant even get half a boner --but she can get off big by herself--she gave it up --he is so sorry assed

Screenshot (4368).png

that's what happens when you abuse drugs like the people in this apartment 🤷‍♂️

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