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Leora - Home Activities #54

pulo filipe

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3 hours ago, Newark52 said:

jimbo, working on the principle “a stiff prick has no conscience” I don’t think LB (or any man for that matter) would give two hoots whether she had a landing strip or not.

Since Paul’s visit then Malia’s arrival not only has there been no landing strip, she no longer gets dressed for odd session which sometimes used to included stockings to please her followers, but since then alas no more.

So one has to now ask is she more interested in pleasing all her followers or her bank manager, because without keeping her followers happy she’ll have an unhappy bank manager.

Like its only been 24 days to get back to her old self and I think Leora is getting there nicely using every cam and room to her advantage. Your right it be great to see the dressing up in the sexy outfit next to a neat strip I do believe its going to get better  or is that just wishful thinking oh well just have to wait and see 




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