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Beatriz & Santiago - Pictures

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Could also be Canary Islands.......same time zone !

(The Image associated with this comment is no longer accessible and has been removed).

Uh-oh. Mikey is sporting wood.  :lmao:

Yes sir,this wood is gonna be all up in her juicy fat wet burrito,big girls have a lot of body heat so it would be like fucking a hot cinnabon,ya'll can keep all those skinny anorexic girls,while I stick with my Burger Queen, a.k.a Miss Barbie Q, a.k.a Miss Kristy Kreme :yeahbaby: :lmao: :lmao:

(The Images associated with this comment are no longer accessible and have been removed).

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The bigger girl will always do you better for a few reasons. She wants you back again and she never knows how long it will be before she can get it again.

I've tried it with the bigger girls. My little man just hangs there like a piece of overcooked Linguine. The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat.  :yes:

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