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6 hours ago, Foamy T. Squirrel said:

It helps if you open another CamCaps window. That way you can copy between the windows without getting lost. Even better, if you are on a real computer, operate with a second monitor.

We mods went through a lot of discussion when we decided to separate comments from picture and vid threads. I was originally the no vote, fearing that it would destroy CC's "wild west"  flavor, but our prime picture posters requested it; people who are here to surf pictures don't get distracted; and it requires enough effort so that impulsive/stupid/derisive/useless comments by trolls are somewhat discouraged.

Yes thats kind of like what I do by just opening another tab, seems to work out good. Makes sense if pic posters want the "freefrawl " discussion then they could repost in the according thread. 

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20 minutes ago, curious101 said:

I am new to this site and wondering how do I get to Kitek's latest comments when I log on? I have been doing searches, but don't really get his actual posts. Thanks

Just Click on the Users Name.  The over on the right side of the page there will be a tab See Their Activity.  Click that and it will show the Activity from the Username you selected.

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