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Chicks with Cars and Bikes

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10 hours ago, ARMY SNIPER said:

Awesome Car,a friend of mine had a '69 GTX but had the 440 c.i.-375 hp.They had two version's -1. Magnum440 and a Super Commando 440.

My first car was a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria,had a custom tube grill,full interior naugahyde leather interior,foxcraft floor shift,352 mercury turnpike cruiser engine, had it cammed up etc. baby moon hubcaps ,dual exhaust with chrome tip's.Only thing it didn't have was bitches On or In it.    😁

We may have to bother Stone into making a car thread. 


Edit: We may find some sort of happy medium around here with one.

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3 hours ago, Slender Man said:

This was the year of my first car,mine didn't look like that...(my girl didn't look like that either.)    Jimmy Fallon Reaction GIF

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I'm liking for the cars, not the girls. 

Looks to be a 67/68 Goat

'65 Bonnie. Someone likes Ponchos around here.

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