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  2. On hindsight, this Russian dollhouse is indeed different from the rest of RLC. Although there were a fair amount of dull moments, but this apartment is as real as it gets compared to the other showgirls in Barcelona. Hopefully the girls find new paths of life after RLC ☺️
  3. Are you kidding Masha is bi-sexual she would probably marry Leora. She even attacked Nelly in the bathroom
  4. Amy3

    Delete my Account

    They can’t delete your account. All that happens is they cut off your ability to access the account. Deleting accounts does nothing to remove anything you ever did with the account. Don’t bother asking to delete your account, just don’t access it anymore. Unless of course, you are so addicted to this that you need the site cut you off, in which case you’ll just open a new account anyways, so don’t even bother with that either. You can never truly leave. 😁
  5. They won't give you a partial refund of $10 or full refund of $44.95? If it is the former, I understand cos it might be due to technicality but if they can't give u a full refund then that is plain wrong! They gave me a full refund after I explained to them the situation, which is clear as fxxk. RLC reduced their price but did not update the new price for all current subscribers. So the current subs who did not realise they r still paying the old rate, this will recur for as long as God knows when which is plain wrong (I call that cheating, u can call that whatever u want) And lastly, if this is how RLC is going to treat their current members by showing them the finger for loyalty, then why fxxking bother re-subbing? DGN, send SegPay another email. If they still refuse to refund you, contact your bank and report this transaction as fraudulent which it is. Demand a refund from your bank and your bank will demand it from SegPay. This is how money goes around in the real world. I believe you will understand this better than me.
  6. Yep which was what exactly happened to me and of course, for the rest of us who assumed RLC will amend their price with SegPay.
  7. beka

    Delete my Account

    My adventure here is done I would like my acount to be deleted please! thank you in advance
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  9. They always say that English is the most difficult to learn. As can often be shown on here lool. But I have great respect for those who take the trouble to learn it. That post if yours @letsdothis is brilliant and highlights the difficulty.
  10. Hey Amy, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the term "Trap" rather a disingenuous term to refer to trans people as?
  11. My wife has always said, whenever minorities in society are either picked on or ridiculed and the homeless etc, they are all someones children. And she is quite right.👩‍👧
  12. Courtney announces him that she is pregnant and she needs money for future Big catastrophe for him. ( last conversation please somebody translate that conversation that can be the reason why Courtney stays with him and the bigger breast that she has)
  13. They still have a lot of places there to put the guests
  14. Do Nadia and Obi live and sleep here or is this place just for camshows? Does the Matilda rule apply?
  15. There’s a ton, but society feels the need to ridicule and make fun of them and so they are too afraid to come out and be who they are. It’s a shame!
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