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  2. Seems to be a very long conversation here with Alexandra?
  3. My opinion does not change with this action!!! No doubt, Sasha has chosen the wrong woman if you really have been able to choose, I think it was Masha who left Sasha... With Masha the sex was more wild and passionate, with some possibility to see from time to time some trio or quartet. With Dasha, all those hopes are over. All very boring. I miss Masha!!!
  4. and all that time you were watching him playing with his dick, seems to me his day was more productive than yours 😂
  5. About time. It's been quite a while since I've seen anything happen in this apt. I was starting to think that Sasha picked the wrong girl.
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  7. thanks. never heard of her. is amber actually her or a look-a-like?
  8. Incredible capture!!! That look says it all! It's taken from the day of the Big Bang and just with that look, she's asking us, good and now what do you think? Am I the super-star of VH now or not? I answer Alexandra, you are the super-star of VH no doubt! There's nothing and no one who can resist your charms. I enjoy you very much, do not change your way of being and act never!!! For me, Mellissa and you are the most beautiful and the best of VH!
  9. You Never Walk Alone!!! Forza Liverpool Champion!!!
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  11. I did notice that Olya didn't take her panties off for the massage and didn't get in the tub with Ariela and Lorraine. Then she didn't do anything with Adelita so maybe it's just a matter of it being the wrong time of the month.
  12. I thought it was strange as well. I haven't seen any problems between Olya and Ariela. Ariela gave Olya a nice massage and then Lorraine showed up and she and Ariela took a show time bath but Olya was smiling and didn't appear upset at all. I don't know why she would go sleep in Adelita's room. She and Adelita didn't do anything together.
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