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  2. Maybe not while he is in the apartment. But it did not stop her from peeking around Paul while he was out in the hallway !!
  3. the internet runs on advertising. This can't really be news to anyone, can it? It rains outdoors. Get a coat. There are ads on the internet, like letsdothis says, get an ad blocker. simple.
  4. I don't think they are that bad, for me they add alot of colour and fun to B4 and B2. They interact more compared to Blair & Mike and Jenn & her guy. Yes they also created some inconvenience for the girls but it is a bit of give and take isn't it so?
  5. Ginger left the apartment early this morning, perhaps the earliest I remember seeing her leaving the house. Maybe an early date with her bosom friend, to catch up more before she returns home.
  6. Dude in the Blue, mate head down to the bedroom you won't be disappointed
  7. Not sure you guys watch Kelly if you don't "do yourself a favour" and check her out she reminds me of Leora.
  8. One of those rare "another man in the apt"..will she walk out..pantiless?
  9. Something special watching Leora cuddling Eva to her beasts.
  10. I hope she's feeling a bit exhibitionistic today with pauls friend 😉
  11. The dark cloud appears to be in a bit of a bad mood today.
  12. Is anyone/everyone else unable to access VHTV at all at the moment 0830 UK time. It appears to be down completely whereas (unusually) I am able to access RLC without spinning balls. I am simply getting the error message that the server appears to be down. [Afternote] 0850 BST online again now.
  13. Guys don't be alarmed because Leora has gone to the bedroom she's texting me. 😜
  14. Today
  15. encore une fois RLC a fait un duo avec loraine mais il ne se passe rien alors SVP laisser loraine dans sa chambre pour que les autres filles nous donnes du plaisir a les regarder
  16. Or at least stay up wind of him, downwind spells disaster
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