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  2. This clearly leaves no room for doubt. The two had sex in the apartment but were looking for a place off camera. 😔 Fuck you RLC!!! 😡
  3. ALLA et son copain ont finit de baiser hors cams (28 minutes dans le vestibule) , son copain ne veut pas faire ça à la vue des autres
  4. Le mec et impressionnant par rapport à la fille The guy and impressive compared to the girl 😲
  5. Today, December 7, 2019 for the United States--78 years ago December 7, 1941-"A date which will live in infamy"
  6. Cam12 in bathroom was covered by the guest at 18:08, now the apt is offline? 😓
  7. Alla est avec son copain en bas dans le petit vestibule voir replay 1;1 living room 16.58;00
  8. Does anyone happen to know some of music title, our princess has been playing lately
  9. She's lucky to have a guy who once he's cum still has any interest in getting her there too.
  10. I wonder what memories Kristy must have as this is the apartment that started her on her journey with RLC and now after several years she has returned to where she started and gained so many fans.
  11. It is a subtitle under the new COV heading COV Maracuya & Eiden (12/03/19) Reallifecam - Ulyana & Marat (07/11/19 - 09/23/19), Lana & Robert - (09/24/19 - 12/02/19)
  12. Lots of long Hours of Cleaning Yesterday.....the Gals did a mighty Fine job...Looks Terriffic !
  13. Le lien de Kjeld Carlsen est toujours fonctionnel mais dans le topic vidéo du B4. https://mab.to/JclwGuQzyB62j
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