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    • 1 minute ago, nack said:

      Test or no test. It's clear that he is uncomfortable in front of cams. 

      Thats not the right desription. I think without his blanket he would totally freak out. Hes horrified of the cams 

    • 2 hours ago, MajorVoyeur said:

      Glad to see Nina has returned. I've missed our Breakfast times. :biggrin:


      we are two with these feelings.

      When we do not have Nina and Alan in discussions of their differences of opinions and political positions or even in their "fights" (in the literal sense of the word), it is impossible not to love them in their intimate moments and shared with us here.

      Or in harmony even in situations of order of the house or better of the apartment. .

      They really complement each other as virtually no one here in VH (or like many few here.).

    • 2 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

      Well I really hope there is any test for them. Before they agree to put them into an appartement. Otherwise they could simply lie to managers...

      But my doubt is how can you test that if is not believing in words??? Do a couch casting with them in front of you?? In a hidden house with cams that no one watch?? I read that the girl (at least) visited some of them before, but that is not any kind of test.. 

      Even at normal job interviews 'we' lie to try to get the job, don't see that here can be different

    • Costume party tonight. That gIrl who never showers at Adeline and Marcus’ place is there