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    • 2 hours ago, jimbo4 said:

      Yep !! Like all bullies he sees women as fair game, Fortunately he stopped himself in time, It was all born out of his frustration because he couldn't find the hat he wanted, he firstly kicked the wardrobe door in the bedroom, and became more irate when he got to the end of the hall and found it....probably blaming  "The Little One " for not knowing where it was. 

      I am not a lover of Paul but he is her choice, and in all fairness they have been getting along good for a while now, and he seems to accept that she sometimes needs time alone to express herself and keep us viewing .  "The Little One"  is his meal ticket and he should be very careful of his attitude toward her,  because she might wake up one day and decide she can do better without a quick tempered liability weighing her down...I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

      For both their sake he really needs to find employment again, when working they are a better couple in my opinion. His attempt at self employment ( If that's what it is ) does not seem to be the great success he might have hoped for, perhaps he should be honest with himself and admit to an admirable and honourable defeat, before he gets into a rut and ends up turning the clock back to their situation of two years ago. 

      " The Little One" is strong willed and intelligent enough to realise who is the one who puts bread on the table, she holds all the bargaining chips.....she should use them to her full advantage.  🐱

      And he should keep his hands to himself, nobody admires an abusive man.  🙂


      Paul a toujours eu un comportement honteux avec Leora, monsieur ne retrouve pas son chapeau et il trouve quand même le moyen de lever la main sur sa compagne alors qu'il est en tort.

      Je regarde rlc depuis 2013, et je trouve que Paul à toujours profiter de Leora, j'ai l'impression qu'il est complètement infantilisé. Elle lui fait manger matin , midi et soir, lui lave et repasse ses vêtements, fait le ménage entièrement. Elle va même jusqu'à lui dire d'aller prendre sa douche ou d'aller chez le coiffeur car ses cheveux ont trop poussés. Paul met son sac le dos et part voir Leora pour lui demander de mettre un objet dans son sac, ( ce type est incapable de retirer son sac et mettre l'objet tout seul ? )

      Désolé, mais il traite sa copine une esclave. Le jour où Leora se réveillera et se rendra compte qu'elle peut se trouver un meilleur homme et qui gagne bien sa vie, Paul n'aura plus que ses yeux pour pleurer et j'espère qu'il réalisera que c'est lui seul le responsable de cette rupture.

      Pour l'instant je pense que Leora l'aime toujours mais qu'elle ne le désire plus du tout ( Leur dernier vrai rapport sexuel date quand même du 25 septembre )

    • 2 minutes ago, klohn5 said:

      Welcome back my friend. Hope you had a good time in Turkey.

      Thank you my friend, As always I had a wonderful time,  very good weather, nice company, food and drink...what more can you ask for. The only negative was I missed watching " The Little One " 😺

    • 1 hour ago, akaanon2 said:

      Why is Amanda sleeping on the couch on her own??

      Maybe Pablo snores...


    • On 10/15/2018 at 8:02 PM, jimbo4 said:

      I have been away in Turkey for the past two weeks, where CC is banned as pornographic, and the WiFi is so weak its impossible to attempt to watch RLC, 

      At the moment I am suffering from severe Leora withdrawal symptoms, and am in urgent need of a fix....So " Little One, " as a benevolent person with medical experience and a good heart, I would seek your help in getting back to some form of  normality.

      Thanks Luv. 😘


      PS; Turkey is a very popular tourist area for Russians, I have been to this resort several times, and often see and talk with Russian people I have met there before, who return on a regular basis like myself. 

      Welcome back my friend. Hope you had a good time in Turkey.

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