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    • 10 minutes ago, EMMETT111 said:

      I told HFB when he asked me if I ever got tired of just watching a naked girl I said some women are just works of art and a pleasure just to look at I personally would put Jasmin at the top of that list but I'm sure we all have our favorites here, Leia is my favorite of the current group of girls though

      If I ever get sick of watching these gorgeous girls naked, or even clothed, you have permission to shoot me...:dodgy:

    • 8 minutes ago, ooopel said:

      yeah( dear bear) you worth the question,  look at (the bear) is smiling, question will continue why ? pass to you a big stone:shy:

      Hehehe! This was the image or that of Cris sending a kiss on the cam in close.:heart:

      I chose this, for reasons more than obvious ..... if you can understand me ...

    • 12 hours ago, EMMETT111 said:

      do you forget all the times the neighbors ruined a good party at B1 and B2 complaining about the noise I believe RLC lost  B1 because of all the complaints,the idea of a house is great no neighbors to bitch but now we just need some girls that actually want to party

      Yea, the neighbors did complain at times......but that was proof of good times going on.  Have you seen any real parties or good girl action in the CatHouse ? This new place is dark,  and resembles a maze..............................kitchen here, bedrooms all over..........search for bathrooms and girls always doing nothing but eating or looking at phones !  I personally would take B1 anytime...............neighbors and all !