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    • covers dropping for a few seconds .




    • 15 minutes ago, sr71gn said:

      The compound has wasted a fortune on the pool thing -money could have been spent on proper equipment to make the place they have run perfect and satisfy viewers --I have lost all interest in the foursomes getting in a bed and playing those stupid games ---Then when something major like trouble between Rose and her boyfriend come up no information is forthcoming about what is going on---Ashley is gorgeous, very pleasant and hard working--She really has hooks in Dean of all people -- These two have drama and suspense and are what being a voyeur is all about--anna has the tools and knows how to orchestrate them--Getting Terry Dean and Ashley here tonight I'm sure was planned by her -She can always throw candy back in the mix and Rex --drama-drama-drama --

      Has my total agreement on each word pointed out. For Anna.
      As for the complex, I think it's exactly this, Complex. Plus even for my taste.

      I hope that in the future they can simplify a little more there. Space Over to make 20 parties equal to Anna's at the same time. Literally .

    • 13 minutes ago, Unsichtbarer said:

      Ashley knows how to make a great meal. It's amazing that all these young Russian women have such decent cooking skills.


      I should watch this couple more. I have never seen any of the men barbecue, and only few of the RLC girls cook much, except Maya on occasion. As for the famous RLC cooks, Nora was did the most cooking. Her hot fresh bread (burning hot!) and her versatility for soup gave her the nickname of "Soup Queen." :biggrin:

      How Leora can stay in such good shape with all that pizza delivery is beyond my comprehension.

      It's nice to know some of the newer sites have people who eat something other than watermelon, fast food and borscht every day.

    • 14 minutes ago, maxfactor said:

      Yeah if that's what you read then you really are as stupid as people say you are.  Blind and arrogant.

      What people,,,the same stupid people who tell you that your comment was smart?,,,,,You are a conspiracy theorists,,and you love to make shit up that isn't there,,,don't blame me for making yourself look foolish.

      Explain yourself and show me the idiot where did RLC deceive you or us into thinking Anna and Carol were staying longer?

      And just by the way you think,,,, I am here to say congratulations,,you have won 10 millions dollars in this lottery here in Nigeria,,, The only thing you have to do is send me $100,000 to clear it through customs and pay all the necessary fees......Go to best buy and buy 20,000- $500 Itunes gift cards and stay on the phone while you are purchasing it,,,and then read me the numbers on the back of the card when you get back outside ok,,,,:biggrin::biggrin: