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    • The last comment VH made her was on 09 Feb over 2 weeks ago. In general, the comments deal with maintenance issues or some kind of tenant change of sorts. They never respond to any suggestions or even engage in friendly banter. Quite frankly, they have all but abandoned us. They've taken away free cams and have allowed tenants to point their free cams at mostly nothing. They also closed the contest without saying a word to us about it. They dont want to play the game anymore. They game they used to play with freeloaders with the hopes of getting them to join. Perhaps that strategy failed and so they are now trying to pursuade people to join by limiting their ability to access much of anything. IMHO, that strategy will fail and it will crush the CC community here even more then it already has. 

    • 0520 This house gets curiouser and curiouser; Now Rachel asleep on the kitchen couch and, the man having left, Zoi and Tim in the bedroom alone.

    • I have no question that the guest guy wants another chance with Em, to the point where I think he would actively try to fuck her again without Sid present if he got the opportunity. The real question is if Em would go for it or if she would shoot him down, or only allow it to happen if Sid was there for a threesome. From the way it is looking right now, my guess she wants him but not sure if she would go for it without Sid present.

    • 26 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

      Yes, don't think I haven't noted that too! Much of VH's cam shows are pre-programed now. They are scripted and announced via Twitter and then the cam show is played out for your enjoyment! Voyeurism at it's finest! 

      And looking that now for advertise action moments on twitter they are using "shaked" photos taken and hosted by tenants (their cameras aren't enough??)... sooner or later POV is coming

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      What took you so long? LOL
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      se las cogieron bien rico
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    • ooopel

      The time has come, it is time with the advent of spring, to leave..!!
      It is time, to start - from a new to my feelings, it is time to remove the rubble of sadness of my life
      It's a time for rediscovering my heart
      and rediscovering my friends
      So, i pulling or withdraw quietly..!!
      , And it's time to flying back into the sky with my wings
      And it's time to spread my aromatic of my words in space..
      It's time to experience love from flowers to me and it is time for the birds' to longing in my songs..
      It's time to take a long rest, also, to Remove all feelings of anger and sorrow and put them in his basket of forgetfulness..
      It is time to keep those moments and beautiful memories hanging in my memory like waves of light Every time to stay forever. i was have the honor of knowing some of you on too close, and some of friends I was happy with them so, someone said that's for once time and i remember here and quote (one of you told me: each one of us adds his unique experience to the forum) those was a wise words from someone..!!
      So i hope to added something special for of you that remains as a anniversary to all of you, my
      friends .. .. !!
      finally hope for all of you on the occasion of spring to be loved and that spring comes to all of you always with constant happiness..!!
      With my peace and greetings from the depths of my heart to all of you..
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