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    • I don't really agree with Casahot being part of this project. Voyeur-house is exactly what it says... voyeurism. Whereas Casahot is a cam sex site.

      Although VH and VV are leaning more and more towards promoting sexual activity (probably for the benefit of getting more subscriptions) my favourite is still RLC as most apartments there do carry on as "normal" couples... watching Maya making her models.... Sasha tattooing someone... Annabel playing her violin. There you see the arguments, the daily routine, their lovemaking. Boring sometimes..yes, but fascinating to see how different we all are.

      On these other sites... just waiting for the participants to have sex and being disappointed when nothing happens seems to me to be a bit frustrating. 

      Just my opinion guys (and gals)

    • 26 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

      Actually happens a bit sooner then this. 2135. Awesome! Girls having fun, not giving a fuck about anything. That's what Casahot is all about. Best channel on VH by like a mile!  Here's a great big fuck you to all of the Eastern European* loser tenants that don't know shit about sex and fun! You all suck compared to the Casahot girls.

      *except for Layne, of course. 

      OK.Sorry for the wrong link.Deleted Now.

    • I just love a carrot top.... (that is a red head for those of you who did not know that).

      Which brings another thought to mind.... A red head in Russia !!! Not something you see every day. I spent 3 weeks in Moscow and never saw one.