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    • 5 hours ago, groomy said:

      Nina and Alan have a complicated relationship. Nothing new. And nothing serious.


      About this house - very bad. Anna and Alex left before they planned (when they left home - that friend wrote that he could not come today, and already here, he wrote that he was able to take time and come). Liza had headache and bad condition. Misty basically did everything she could. She added debauchery. Raised the degree of the party. Stimulated Anastasia equal. In the end, everything went to a hot girl-girl show. But Anastasia's boyfriend spoiled everything.

      In addition to Misty (as Locomotive) and Anastasia - no one tried to do anything. Once again. Guys only broke. Here I see the potential only in Anastasia. If it is someone to lead. Guys are bad.

      Bads? "Please do not be modest.
      They are real disasters.

    • 58 minutes ago, Aussie_oi_oi said:

      Good to admit when wrong. I would like to see the big black chair gone. Never gets used much.

      Don't be too harsh on me, I was only wrong by three days, not in the fact of her getting a new one. And the black chair was used to good effect once, always nice to have props around the house, because when this lady gets her imagination into full flow, there is no telling what she is capable of.

    • thanks ze81 .  serena its a hot girl 


    • Just now, renegado said:

      what a night . but they fight nina and alan? after this his  fuck with serena ??

      He had sex with Nina last night and today he and Serena had an quick one underblankets.