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    leora 01-12-2019 15h06 (Video & Image Content No Longer Available)
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    Vidéo prise avec la cam 1 Video taken with cam 1 MyAirBridge.com | Send or share big files up to 20 GiB for free MAB.TO We will transfer your files easily, safely and rapidly from one place to another. You can send them directly to an email address or share files using a unique link.
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    (Video Content No Longer Available)
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    bonjour toute la petite communauté. je ne souhaite pas ouvrir de polémique et vous avez raison moos sauf que contrairement au topic de 2020 il n'était pas précisé de ne mettre que des photos du nouvel appartement et d'utiliser les archives. Mon seul but était de faire vivre ce fil. maintenant, je ne souhaite pas être un pilleur du travail formidable de WT ( le seul qui a des C.............) et effectivement les futures images auraient été ou seront comme se qui suit ----------------------------------FIN---------------------------------------
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    bon ben elle m'a dit qu'elle ne veut plus que je poste des photos d'elle nue.
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    (Image Content No Longer Available) 03_01_2020 VIDEO en Zona de VIDEOS
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    You have no idea do you, as I said before you don't know how many watch them, the world doesn't revolve around CC as much as you think.
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    😂🤣 See?? I TOLD you she was dreaming of me!! 🥰
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    Leora and Eva, Leora and Paul's dog, have been part of the daily life of rlc subscribers for several years, it is perfectly normal to ask how Eva can go, because the dog was close to Leora before the apartments were cut in Russia
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    Hello devils advocate here is the new link: Maracuya et Eiden 22.12.2019 Round 1 et 2
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    Sabrina's physique is perfect.😍
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    Do you think Sina knows she has a beautiful ass and that is why she likes to show it off.😍
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    Either way. Time for her and Masha to move on. The book of ideas is
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    Nop,no bonuses or extras payments,what we see in cams is no shows,Just real life in cams,unscripted,raw.😉.
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    Look at their smiles... happy and content. 🥰
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    More likely for Sugar Duck, who is comfortably tucked in the bed. Cats departed for the living room LOL
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    Mittsy et Hope se tirent la bourre... Merci les gars, vous êtes super ! et meilleurs voeux pour 2020!
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    Bonjour grege essaie ce lien et je présente également mes meilleurs vœux à tous: Sophia, Masha et l'invité 30.12.2019
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    Gina, some would call her the beauty, the artist, the professional photographer, the queen of wild life, protector and defender of the high honourable parasites. I just call her Gina, my golden star! 🌟
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    Well folks, I would like to clarify several issues of subject matter of which I have noticed since my earlier participation in the chat here. First of all, I have on a number of ocassions expressed my sentiments concerning the guy who recently arrived at the current residence. The issue of my not having much in ways of regards or respect for him, is as it was after observation of the guy for quite a long while at the previous residence. Therefore, it is imo, unless the guy has made some serious and diligent mature changes, my perspective on this will have not changed. Although regardless of what I or anyone else may believe or think, he is the person that is her choice to be involved with in somewhat of a relationship. It has been noticed that various subject matter has been mentioned recently concerning speculations as to whether the guy was going to arrive for just a visit for the holidays or not, and even as to whether or not he may be going to now be remaining at the current residence for a longer indefinite period. There has even been some dialogue expressing what someone apparently was informed by some aquaintance who may understand a language enough to perhaps have some understanding of some of the intriguing woman's thoughts not long ago. Although the dialogue that was mentioned seemed quite convincing in seeming like it may have perhaps been something that was repeated that may have been said in a conversation, it may not be completely accurate and therefore is still to be considered speculation. I as well, have good a friend who like myself, have been at several times, longstanding subscribers of the project, and very close to mostly because of interest in the intriguing and attractive woman usually referred to here. My good friend knows the language quite well, and it was from him that I was informed that they were never really married. He overheard it being said on more than one ocassion in different conversations between her and her friends. Since they were never married, there would have been no actual need of any divorce even if a relationship had in fact ended, or nearly ended. As I mentioned previously, it is good to notice that the interesting and attractive woman has someone that it has been known that she has cared for, there with her now and giving her some company, and especially at this time of the year during the holidays. She has been alone for over 5 months now, and rightly so deserves to have some company of someone she has interest in and cares for. Also, as I had stated previously before the shutdown of the residences cams which were a former part of the project in their home country when he had decided to quit or got terminated from the regular employment he had and was constantly at the residence from then on until the shutdown, as much as I have liked about and found interesting in her, that if it did not change, that I would unfortunately feel obliged to cancel my then subscription, which it did not change, and I did cancel and not long before the shutdown occurred. The residence designation has not yet been changed. I haven't been in contact with my friend who knows the language quite well to perhaps be informed of what has, or has not been said recently. If the residence designation is changed by designation and name, then I will know that he had evidently acquired a longer term visa such as she had, and that therefore some of the dialogue which has been exchanged recently will apparently be accurate. In the unfortunate event that the part of recent dialogue concerning that part of subject matter turns out to be accurate, as has been mentioned by several long term and dedicated subscribers already, I will certainly end up cancelling my current subscription, and for quite likely, the last time. As I have mentioned in the past, although there is no doubt that I have had a profound interest in the intriguing and quite attractive woman, and certainly do not mind contributing to any financial support of the project to be privileged enough to continue to do so. But almostly certainly not if it means returning back to the ways things had returned to yet once again at the previous residence just because he did not want to continue to maintain any regular employment. In other words, I would not at all mind it for her, but I will not continue to contribute to assist in financial support of the project if it means being associated with or being part of any financial support of him if he only wants to hang around an apartment and only do side jobs. So, as an old saying goes, "The devil is in the details", of which most of all curious minds will be enlightened in the very near future. Although I will not claim, soon enough. The clock continues to tick, time continues on, and subscriptions continue to be active and paid, for now. So, we shall see how things turn out.
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    29_12_2019 VIDEO en Zona de Videos
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    Now there’s one of the rare ones that I am going to miss in Valerie. Deliciously dirty and genuinely didn’t give a shit; did everything she wanted to do and when she wanted; no phoney stroking and posing with Val. You’ll be welcome back anytime for me honey - Bon voyage 😋
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    This house needs people with potential.Nothing happens at parties that are too crowded. The old parties were nicely.There was Monica. After the card games, the parties ended very well .
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    Rarely dressed like this. Very beautiful. Good start to the day !!
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