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    Hi everybody, not from today but maybe you don't have it / Salut tous le monde, celle -ci n'est pas d'aujourd'hui mais vous ne l'avez peut être pas (Content No Longer Available)
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    a little touch here a little touch there finishing up in the GR. the dog kept fairly quiet till she reached climax .... i sure do wish she would use her toy more lol. so anyways here they are ... 4 files if you wanna just get to the nitty gritty the 3rd file is the one ..... enjoy (Content No Longer Available)
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    (Content No Longer Available)
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    (Content No Longer Available)
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    Last night party stopped due to neighbors complains At the time Polya and Belle didn't understand what is the problem and would like to continue partying. Lola tried to explain they can't make noise and scream. Belle said she will never come to party there again. B and P were offended and wanted to go home. Lola notes that are here because Megan is leaving. They can sit without loud music and yelling. She didn't like their attitude "No party, we go home."
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    Why would anyone want to watch her for fucks sake. Same position in the bed. One leg displayed with everything else covered. 30 seconds of watching porn with her headphones on so no one can hear despite being alone in the apartment. A couple of bites on her lip. 30 seconds of fumbling with her pussy and a sudden surge of her climax. Big stretch slight rub of her pussy through her panties. Turn over go to sleep!!!! Seen it, watched it, forget it!!! Kristy is the ultimate manipulator of RLC. Shows her body whilst showering, does Yoga and stretches into impossible positions, eats, sleeps and goes out. Groundhog day. Do it all again and again and again. Oh and occasionally have boyfriend over to tease herself but rarely let him go beyond a quick fumble. At least Kami is offering up a little bit of entertainment with her current boyfriend!!! Kami and Kristy are taking RLC and us for mugs. They have a great apartment in Moscow that would be way out of reach for a couple of young girls who seem to do only occasional modelling work. RLC could save a fortune by simply ditching these two. However beautiful they are (and they are very beautiful) RLC would be no worse off without them!
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    They can never replace what last night could have and should have been. The next girl will not be like Megan just someone who will fuck from tthe off. No journey, no surprises and to me very unlikely to be as hot.
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    Very sweet. I hope that, by some miracle, she actually sees this. The music is great. Thanks. :-)
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    To be perfectly honest, the "teasing" that is going on is so phony that it doesn't even appeal to me. The only possible genuine affection that I see is Anna and Carolina. And, I don't believe that Carolina will do anything beyond what any normal girlfriend would do with another - just some hugging and an occasional kiss. It also doesn't appear to me that any one of these girls really has a clue as to how to perform real teasing for this kind of audience. If they don't bring someone in who is mature enough and worldly enough to know how to stimulate the audience, the ratings for this apt will go down quickly. All seeming attempts at putting on a good tease show seem to be start-stop, start-stop with no actual follow through.
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    They can't hold that party again Megan has gone. They will hold a party with about half the interest if that. Besides which does B1 really wanted to be contaminated by Lola again ... I'm not suggesting she's dirty just that she might intefere if anything hot happens which doesn't involve her such as standing in the way of Belle. B1 does allow something for free viewers.
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    Goodbye Megan You came as a little shy girl who showed nothing but tits, insofar as it was. But soon grew to become the leader in nudity and got maybe met your secret dream with Rebecca. Wish you all on. Take care of yourself and your life.
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    Esperemos que el travestí operado ( Lola ) no tarde en traer a otra chica, y de paso darle una patada en el culo a Polilla, y Anna que se vaya con su mono, y Carolina que espabile, que creo que no esta con la mejores compañias.
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    It has been a while since she done it... And we are very great full . Thank you leora. It was beautiful as I said such a sexy energy exploded on the Cams . You could feel her from last night that her energy was fully up.
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    Megan It has been a pleasure watching you from your first day. You are young and beautiful. I see in you a strong desire to experience what life has to offer and in the process discover more about yourself. Thank you for letting us see a very small part of that discovery. Should your travels find you returning to RLC we would gladly welcome you back. I wish you a safe journey and a happy life. May you find all that you are looking for.
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    anytime you are ready to step up hot shot....post away.....if you had bothered to read those posts they are explaining why there are no posts
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    (Content No Longer Available)
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    Seems like she didn't want to take a risk of getting cought.. It could make things Worse if she did.. He could feel Jealous. Any way thanks a lot wookinpanub. And if I am not mistaken her energy is still up.. Maybe will be more surprised today from her .. But I don't get my hopes up yet..... Thanks again
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    For a girl who never looked to promising when she first arrived saved herself over the last couple of weeks.
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    Even if there's no actual "crossing the line" action, I hope that more genuine affection can be shown. Everything just seems so "staged" and phony to me now with all the girls in both apartments.
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    I know we want to blame the guys that these girls are dating, but all the girls in all the apts make a decision of survival, dreams and being exploited
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    None of the others thought about Belle on the sofa with no covers while they all go to the comfy beds. Lola shame on you for that. But Megan to the rescue which shows what a lovely young lady she is. And yes Belle does want to be liked, she tries to get on with everyone. I think Polya likes her as they were hugging in the kitchen last night. Stella can give her the cold shoulder at times though.
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