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  1. 18.09.2019. https://mab.to/tFAf48S6x https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/aU0YoqAs/file.html
  2. Only two minutes before they go to the Bedroom. Masha 16.09.2019
  3. Clara, you know how to use a toy cock. You're so sex and very exciting. Super Clara!
  4. Johnny5.....Look mate, with the utmost respect, and I really do mean that. You are missing the point completely. Many, but not all of your remarks are considered disrespectful and distasteful on the thread you entered them on..You may well believe that they are exciting and pleasing Leora, but I assure you they are in all probability having the opposite effect. Because she does what she does is not an opportunity for people to treat her with any less respect than they would if she were related to them. Contrary to what some people think and argue, she does read CC, and sometimes has in the past acted upon certain request to move something out of the way that was blocking a certain view....but I don't believe she has ever done sexual request's through the forum. It doesn't further your argument or cause to insult those who object to your postings, you know nothing about them and because someone disagrees with you is no reason to classify them all as "old, ugly, sexually dysfunctional,lacking in testosterone or even snowflakes " Some of us may indeed be some or all of those things, but both you and I have no way of knowing do we? You get your kicks from expressing yourself the way you do on the forum, and there is no problem with that if it were confined to a " specific thread " within the parameters of Leora's pages, but not perhaps under " General Chat " . You could name it whatever you wished I would imagine, and it would then be available for anyone who was like minded and perhaps Leora to peruse to their hearts content. Like you, we are all voyeurs on this site and respect each others likes and dislikes, that is why there are different threads for people to express particular subjects on without forcing them on others....Its nothing to do with "snowflakes or people throwing rocks and hiding ". I certainly don't hide, if you wish to have a serious factual discussion with me I have no problem with that at all, you can either do it on here or via PM..No subject is out of bounds. Finally, this post is not meant to goad you, its a genuine and sincere message, please accept it as such.
  5. huh - just realized that there's a sequel...read up there, watch down here,,, 🙂 https://mab.to/LdpxogkZQ
  6. a small gif, not mine, all tnx to the op (I'm just deleting it)! 🙂 https://mab.to/h8laqGaiT
  7. You can lead a horse to water apparently.. as the saying goes but alas you cannot make it "Drink" quite an apt Proverb don't you think... There is none more "Blind" than them that cannot see... also comes to mind in this instance... Having said that if the powers to be think the comments of the transgressor(allegedly) are deemed to be inappropriate they will no doubt act accordingly as laid out in the rules of the forum...
  8. MyAirBridge.com | Send or share big files up to 20 GiB for free MAB.TO We will transfer your files easily, safely and rapidly from one place to another. You can send them directly to an email address or share files using a unique link.
  9. i have totally lost the excitment to wait new girls on rlc (recycled or new), the girls coming around every three months and i have just not the envy to watch them anymore i don't know why i think i am just tired with rlc now after 6 years, i would like to see something change on rlc there is too much routine on this site and no surprise
  10. Goodbye Anabella...Health and happiness in the future and have a safe trip 😘 She was a fun girl, but I think she got bored towards the end. I still think she'll be back again though...
  11. Seems like yesterday Anabella was hiding under the covers when somebody knocked on the bedroom door when she was naked with Salma. What a long way she came (oh boy did she). Gorgeous lady with an amazing body. I wish her the best and hopefully we will see her again someday. We now live in a postAnabella world and I, like The South, have a long way to recover.
  12. I too join the memory of dontgetnone, perhaps because of a translation problem, I did not understand that it was almost the end of his days, I am very sorry and I will say a prayer for him
  13. Many thanks Billi...I knew she'd moved in with him He was still posting, but less frequently. I just hope he leaves this world happy...I'm sure Monica will ease the pain for him and, whether he's still hanging on or passed away to a better place, my heart goes out to him. I hope RLC and CC helped him a little, it certainly appeared to...
  14. Bonjour sedwor voici un nouveau lien: Linda 14.09.2019
  15. I like Nazareth they are a great Scottish band... Lets lightened up here dudes.😁 life is to short to bicker and blast at each other...
  16. Nice quotes, my favourite is " They have eyes, but cannot see, because they don't have premium" it's by jesus christ of nazareth. Here's Leora bored by your crap and reading my comment 😉
  17. It’s clearly obvious it’s a waste of time trying to reason with a delusional person such as yourself, You are never going to meet her or talk to her, and the only way you are ever going to have sex with her is in your fantasies. You're living in your own little world, good luck to you. I am not disrespecting her by advising you what she would probably think , I’m stating fact, but if it is beyond your comprehension then I can offer no more advice, so continue to make a fool of yourself at your leisure. I will revert and continue blocking you... it’s easier.
  18. the baddest rank i saw of rlc is around #1400, at this rhythm there will have this rank the next month if they don't move their asses more faster than this for open new apartments with new people
  19. my analyse is also the lack of updates with new apartments and new couples, till the rlc crash of may we had zero new apartmenst with new couples, only recycled apartments with recycled people, for me it's normal to have this result now, not everybody are interesting to watch these girls apartments we have not many choice on rlc now
  20. Obviously, there are some things you did not see (or didn't remember). Some examples as a reminder: 10.08. Anabella, Damira, Debby, Fiby, Megan in Megan's bedroom 13.08. Anabella, Damira, Debby, Fiby in Damira's bedroom (only Megan alone in her room) 16.08. Anabella, Damira, Debby, Megan in Megan's bedroom (only Fiby missing, who might have been in B5 or B2) 26.08. Anabella, Damira, Debby, Holly, Megan at Damira's birthday party (Megan the first one who seperated herself from the others) 03.09. Anabella, Damira, Debby, Holly, Jessica, Stella at Anabella's birthday in the living room (Megan and Sara sleeping in Megan's room) When the girls met in Megan's room, she was present too, but I don't think, it was initiated by her. After Damira left, there might have been one short event with Anabella, Cherry, Debby, Holly, Megan in Megan's room (beer pong etc.), but it was ended and split in smaller groups early.
  21. Flying back flip off the wall with a half-twist. And he turns back as if to say, "Yeah, that was me. What?"
  22. he bloqueado a cierto par de colaboradores del foro y ha sido un gran avance, de las 4 paginas que habia esta mañana 3 eran simplemente de ellos 2 a los cuales no pude leer gracias a dios y la cuarta habia algun mensaje interesante, lo dicho creo que lo hacen por molestar, si no se les hace caso y se les da cuerda lo mismo se ahorcan ellos solos, si todos los ignoraramos se acabarian cansando, y lo de la multicuenta creo que es verdad el amigo johnny5 habla español perfectamente jajaja ( me han dicho que has escrito post en español, aunque no he podido comprobarlo), que cada uno saque sus conclusiones I have blocked a couple of collaborators of the forum and it has been a great advance, of the 4 pages that were this morning 3 were simply of them 2 to which I could not read thanks to God and the fourth had some interesting message, I said that I think that they do it to annoy, if they are ignored and the same thing is thrown they hang themselves, if we all ignore them they would end up getting tired, and the multi-account I think it is true friend johnny5 speaks Spanish perfectly hahaha (I They have said that you have written a post in Spanish, although I have not been able to verify it), that each one draw its conclusions
  23. Anabella will be missed, she has been a great tenant! Take care, farewell, and welcome back later! 🖐️😢❤️
  24. Instructions: how to make a perfect handjob to your partner. Instructions: how to masturbate yourself with a great satisfaction.
  25. No doubt she has great breasts with awesome nipples, curvy body, hot face but apart from these, I like also her cute nose.... Maybe others find it odd but I like cute noses to be kissed and sucked and she definitely deserves it 😘 . Thanks Hope85 for splendid sharing.
  26. I suggest the jack-off stuff go here: Even with two big screens, and real keyboard, and a scrolling mouse, it's a pain-in-the-ass to scroll through. Plus, it pisses off her and the fans that respect her as a woman, and they fight, and that in turn pisses off Mods. Thanks.
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