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    Ok, my lovlies! Sorry for my absence! I have issues with controlling my impulses and I let myself get the best of me very frequently! I have this need to find the fatal flaw in things and to cast the light of thousand suns upon these evils that I see. It's who I am and for a long time it's been my way of controlling my world and the people around me. I weigh on people who I love and who love me and I can be utterly cruel to them at a whim. It's good to look at yourself and know your flaws. Understanding how others perceive you is a very important thing to know about one's self. I don't want to be seen this way. I want to change and be someone that anyone can turn to for a smile and a hug. I want to be an inspiration and be loved. I want to be your princess again. Will you take my hand?
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    i miss you .. !! Like the sun shining on me .. !! Laughs like the moon .. !! Her laughter is happiness to me .. !! You comes even at in my dreams. !! You not absent .. !! Amy's, my heart, Always speaks about you .. !! All the stars heard the beats of, My heart from afar .. !! you are my sun..!! And your heart is my moon .. !! Singing your Amy's .. !! it is melodic .. !! O Princess .. !! i dance on your words .. !! Amy's your heart is shining on me .. !! Amy's your rain, responded to my tears again..!! Even when I'm away .. !! will love you always..!! {The Heart of @Amy3 said this poem my pen just wrote it }
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    Take a lesson from me guys and quit watching this shit! It’s a fucking hard habit to break. Don’t get addicted to this shit like I did. You may think you’re having fun and it’s harmless entertainment, but slowly and surely you getting more and more addicted to this. How many times a day do have to log on here. Do you ever feel anxious that you missing out on something. Eventually, that anxiety doesn’t go away and you will constantly feel that way. Even now, since I pretty much stopped posting comments here, I still feel this pull to check the status of things. It fucking sucks and it’s a lot harder to quit watching this shit then you think it is. Take it from me and quit now before you end up like me. It’s not worth your time. Go and do something that means something to your life and stop wasting it here. I wish you al luck. I long for the day that I don’t fetel the need to be here at all. Feel free to put me down all you want. I don’t care. ❤️
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    FYI! I disabled my PM. If you want to converse with me going forward, I'm on Twitter @amy3lexar
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    Do she adoring him? Yes, she adores him, Yes she loves him..!! Yes, she would be torrified, to be exposed to anyاhair, From his hair to the harm .. !! she will cursed everyone, who tries to erase, His beautiful smile..!! Yes she love him, and she afraid to leave her..!! She even adores, his smell in His socks Did you see love like this ?!! Signature:ooopel
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    Sunlight. Miracle, made this seed of mine, Grow tall. A tree so strong. Its all around me now. But every little thing I do, Is poison to these tender roots. The ways I try to make it grow, The branches break and leaves will blow. New rain. Waterfall, made this tree of mine, Grow apples. Flowers fall. They're all around me now. Life is gone. This tree of mine, Is just hanging on a hope. You say if I Really want the leaves to show. On it's own. Leave it alone, And just let it grow.
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    The time has come, it is time with the advent of spring, to leave..!! It is time, to start - from a new to my feelings, it is time to remove the rubble of sadness of my life It's a time for rediscovering my heart and rediscovering my friends So, i pulling or withdraw quietly..!! , And it's time to flying back into the sky with my wings And it's time to spread my aromatic of my words in space.. It's time to experience love from flowers to me and it is time for the birds' to longing in my songs.. It's time to take a long rest, also, to Remove all feelings of anger and sorrow and put them in his basket of forgetfulness.. It is time to keep those moments and beautiful memories hanging in my memory like waves of light Every time to stay forever. i was have the honor of knowing some of you on too close, and some of friends I was happy with them so, someone said that's for once time and i remember here and quote (one of you told me: each one of us adds his unique experience to the forum) those was a wise words from someone..!! So i hope to added something special for of you that remains as a anniversary to all of you, my friends .. .. !! finally hope for all of you on the occasion of spring to be loved and that spring comes to all of you always with constant happiness..!! With my peace and greetings from the depths of my heart to all of you.. Bye ooopel
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    Just a wink ..!! The men will fall, In a wink ..!! the message, of every woman, From, the beginning of history..!! start of the storm..!! the rains of love, will be continue .!! Just a blink..!! And the hearts of men, You will spen, about, your temple..!! We are the women, We have good talents, in Catching Men..!! Signature:ooopel
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    Lost my way.?!! Lost between those paths..!! My heart refuses to lead me..!! My soul is angry with me..!! The sun feels disappointed from me, the Sun"s boycotted me..!! Why did this happen to me? The moon hides his talk about me..!! He does not like, anymore me whisper..!! seems my mistakes, the reason..!! did not who approaches me, any friends..!! Even tears refuse me, does not want me anymore..!! They changed..!! Forgive me my friends..! it my fault..!! Signature:ooopel
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    Valentine's day Imprint of heart.! Light of lips..!! The letters.. the words.. Looks even. candles. Waiting for love..!! come on same time, every year..!! oh, the love.. no anyone there..!! hearts Shut up.. except silence ..!! who's just talking..!! Signature:ooopel
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    As the angel As the star As the queen Fell in love Previously I was, i Possess, My heart..!! But your love stole from me, my heart..!! stay with me..!! will not hurt me And don't injure me up Do not destroy my pride, Because of , i still a Queen Signature:ooopel
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    Many thanks to my friends( @Amy3& @jabbath1987),and thanks to everyone here who i spent with them a nice time,i wish you all happiness from the deep of my heart, good bye to everyone : The day will come, my friend Words will Remember me ..!! Light will miss me..! also the sound.. even love.. Heart beats , will cry on me.. Butterflies will stop dancing..!! And the candles, are shy of my absence.. will turn off the light.. The sun will leave with joy again.. the moon will stop talking .. My steps, will go direct, to the stars.. Each of you will mentions, my name, my name is ooopel... for last time{ Signature:ooopel }
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    i will putting this poem here ,( dear @Amy3),you should be return to active in the forums!! if that takes to infinity the poem will stay to infinity: what name amy mean ? as the paradise with blue sky!! as the spirits flying without wings.. as the birds fall in lovings !! as candle light up from afar !!.. What mean? !! you, see at the butterfly, touches her hand!! do you see the sun shines, from her heart..!! The moon is dancing!! yes, dancing, only for her.. Always the clouds, goes wherever go and responds, the rain for she tears.. Even hearts, Flying in her wings.. now know what? means Amy? it's mean the life, Amy ,the life,my friend.. Signature:ooopel (GIFT for dear @Amy3 )
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