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    Just to be clear to everyone, I'm a M2F preop transsexual. I didn't mean to deceive anyone. I didn't expect I would get this involved in all of this. Peace! 💋 http://profiles.urnotalone.com/68621
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    hola, yo tambien digo lo mismo, los chicos de los forum se enojan conmigo por decir eso, pero se q michelle tiene sexo por dinero, su comportamiento lo dice todo, ayer ella estaba esperando aguien en la puerta y de pronto todas las camaras se blockearon por mas de una hora.
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    Jabbath, alles Gute zum Geburtstag für morgen. Ich versuche, Deutsch zu lernen, also musste ich das nachschlagen!
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    Muchas gracias, lo conseguí como me dijiste con VPN extension en chrome
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    I was wondering if carmen and the skinny guy are going to stay in Tver or since Alex and Anna are moving out of Tula , will they be moving in there?
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    Hi Jimbo thanks for your message. It's nice to know I am missed :o) I have been too busy, but will be around a bit more in future
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    I feel like the new girl is not being treated right in Tula. Anita has the guy, but is she playing both sides of the game? The girl seems like she's doing everything she can. Hate to see her being treated that way
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    Don't often see you on the forum anymore Barry?
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    question is what gone to happen in the morning are they remember this i that they just friend
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    do think they should let ann go to sofia with bobbie and see what happen
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    i hope they will keep blondie she is beautiful and she not afraid of cam
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    Listen guys, I think that Bobbie doesn't mind the cameras, she's a decent person. If she wasn't a decent person and was bothered by the cameras then she wouldn't have moved from Sofia's apartment and into the other one. I think the reason that all this is happening is because Nastya doesn't like being on camera and if that is the case, could they put another girl in there that doesn't mind the camera. I like Bobbie, she's the main attraction because she is funny and I don't think she did anything wrong. She likes to play well with others and since this new girl is there never has any fun. If anyone needs to leave, it's the other girl.
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    so do you think that bobbie is going to move in with him since he does't like the cams? Will he influence her and persuade her to move out?