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    So my lovilies! I won a 7 premium days on VHTV! Any of my followers want them? It'd be nice if you were actually interested in joining VH or even joining us in the forums, but I'm not demanding! Just send me a PM and let me know. If I get more then 1 response I'll draw a name out of a hat. You do have to make an account on voyeur-house.tv, but you can do it without paying. I can tell you how to do the rest via PM. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️💋
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    Hi my lovelies! Posted a new cover photo. Hope you like it!
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    Hi my lovlies! I started a club if any of you are interested to join. Check it out. Hit the Club tab.
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    Bonsoir : j'ouvre un thème, les ANUS des filles... Enjoy !!!
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