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    I can not understand what you need, guys? Do you want to see a real life or that girls get fucked several times a day, like rabbits? In terms of real life - this is one of the most interesting apartments (perhaps the most interesting). Girls engaged in business, made plans, argued, communicated with friends, quarreled and reconciled. Here the passions were seething. If this is not clear to you, then this is your problem, but not the girls. As for sex, it is not much. Sincerely sorry. But the RLC is not obliged to show you sex 24/7. Maybe some of you should stop watching the RLC and subscribe to All Girl Massage, Intimate Lesbians or We Live Togetner? By the way: if you put cameras in the apartments of members of this forum (including myself), I think the show will be even more boring.
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    Let me get this straight, Kate is not Viki, Izzy is not Kate, but Kate is Kate, and Izzy is not Viki, and Kate is not Izzy, and Viki is Viki, and Viki is not Izzy, and Izzy is Izzy. I think i got it, but I'll forget who is who by tommorow
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    Black Wand and Misty, I pronounce you, Vibrator and Wife!
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    Nice bodysuit Kate. She has a pretty compact pussy so no cameltoe for her. She would have to really pull those things up there.
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    I like N&K and nice, interesting, talented individuals. They're real. They're not obnoxious and threatening, and they don't resort to bloody violence when they have a tiff. And they're real. That has become a rare commodity on these various voyeur sites lately. Say what you want about RLC, but it's not sold as a competitor to xhamster.com
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    Clara and Stas # 1..that has to be a joke.Linda is the hottest girl and Leon is a stud.Comparing them to Nina-Alan makes me lol.Their sex is passionate and leon is funny.Misty has decided to settle down.Good for her.If views is the sole criteria,i don't think she has great numbers but she has fans for sure.Winters has really slowed down VH as a whole.
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    The guests had fun in the shower..
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    but she is on vh & expected to do more. otherwise she can retire & let someone else entertain us.
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    Houston, we have a problem! Somebody get down there and removed Kenny from the premises
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    It's my first attempt at a gif, sorry if it sucks!
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    Izzy puts her shirt back on braless.
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    Masha&Sasha in Rome. Their guests are from Russia. Mostly from Moscow (first swing couple - when they were few hot foursome) and St. Petersburg. By the way, some problem of Mira and Henry in the city. They live in a small town (less than 500 000 people). Therefore, the choice of swing friends is quite limited. In Moscow or St. Petersburg, they would not be constrained. And they would easily become #1 on VH.
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    The hell,so we calling them wrong all this days.tought viki was kate but it was the contrary kate is kate and Vicki it's indeed viki,at least now we know,one it's indeed..Kate and the other viki,Kate it's one and Viki the other,and of course Izzy it's the third girl,not Kate or viki..but Izzy.Now it's totaly clear.
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    Not very impressive.
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    BUT, Lisa does like this guy and he is clearly uncomfortable with the cams, so I guess we just have to hope she can progress.
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    Houston we have contact!!!
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    LISA, allow me to be the one to politely inform you that the blankets are really spoiling my groove over here.
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    Amy Dear.. pass on a message to Lisa..This ain't the blankets show.It is ridiculous.
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    Girls losing clothes fast now
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