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    I wonder how many of you Gentlemen know what a female orgasm is like or when a women has one? Just pushing some buttons.
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    about 10 years ago my daughter's ex boygriend's brother bought a gun off the street. thinking that it wasn't loaded he pointed it at his 12 yr old brother. a bullet was still in the chamber & he pulled the trigger & the brother died. i don't like guns for 2 reasons. #1 is that i might use it in a circumstance where normally i would curse a few times & then forget why i was mad. the other is that most deaths are accidents. when you're dead that's it.
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    Unbelievably stupid! As a gun owner myself, I find this beyond the pale. He did not check to make sure the chambers were empty. But, even still, you never ever point a gun in the direction of another person unless you have to. I have absolutely no respect for you Layne. You should be ashamed.
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    mika takes care of layne's love gun!
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    I quite liked both Irma and Nicole for different reasons (though they didn't seem too fond of each other). I think these apartments are "real life" in a sense. They're a real depiction of what happens when you take a bunch of girls from somewhat varied backgrounds and have them spend a month or two in an apartment full of cameras in a city they don't know that well with very few rules and some financial incentive to do things on camera. Different girls react very differently to that situation. Some just go out all the time. Others cover up and wait until they can leave. Some of them put on a show for the cameras (and a percentage of those seem to actually enjoy putting on a show - Sofie, Irma, Renata, Regina, etc). And a very few (like Nicole, Milana, etc) just ignore the cameras and do what they would do anyway. In some sense, Angelika's reaction to the situation might be more "real life" for the majority of people than Nicole's. If it were up to me I'd tweak the rules of the apartment to make it less convenient to carry on relationships completely off cam and I'd work a lot harder than RLC appears to to try and find girls who fit into the latter two categories. But who knows, my version of these apartments might end up being worse than what we currently have.
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    Or even this has a nice message.
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    i hope that i never feel the need to have a gun because there is 1 very simple fact about guns. if you don't have 1 you won't shoot anyone. if i ever feel the need to own 1 because i no longer feel safe in this increasingly more & more fucked up country then i probably will eventually shoot someone because by then i will have gotten to the point that i no longer care. i hope that doesn't happen because i've survived this long without any of that happening. when i was a kid no one had guns, no one brought guns to school to shoot people, no one had machine guns in a hotel & started shooting everyone for no reason. i'm going to stop talking about it now because it depresses me to know that so many people want to own guns & it seems to be more important than everything else & i don't feel that way.
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    Watching in timeline that moment... he give a shoot (blank of course) at 03:08:23 (Local Time) don't know if that sound is normal but for a gun it seems a 'week' sound for the shoot... I never had shoot a real gun, but the noise seemed my empty carnival guns when i was a kid. At 03:08:37 he gives another shoot. At 03:08:50 another shoot. at 03:09:00 another shoot (pointing to girl) . At 03:09:24 another shoot I guess he had 100% sure the gun was empty, but i agree with you, that we should never point a gun to anyone, even if we know it's not loaded
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    As a gay man I resent that statement but also, you are correct lol.
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    Then why should we expect her to suddenly change into a lesbian fun girl with this other chick? Seems to me that history dictates that she will remain a gorgeous bore, who likes to take a lot of showers.
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    C'mon Lisa I think you may need a dose of this, it cheers me up.
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    got to go wwe raw is going to start in 10mins
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    Ilona topless her boobs painted as bikini top Tim with dick painted bleu for moor then half an huer they dance and have some fun
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    The Delain song I put up was a song written for the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster, Charlotte the female singer produced the song to highlight that it is ok to be different and donated the dress she wore in the video to be auctioned off and the money to be donated to the Sophie charity. I think the song is quite fitting here sometimes.
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    Good night Ash and Golfer. I hope I wake up to a better world by morning. ❤️
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    You never, ever point a gun, loaded or not towards someone unless you mean to use it. He needs to take a gun safety class immediately.
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    Not only did he put her life at risk, but also anyone who may have been on the other side of the wall when he pulled the trigger. Many people have actually been killed this way.
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    It's A house full of gay men, of course there's going to be a lot of drama, I'm not surprised.
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    We can guess but we will only know if she chooses to let us know...
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    look at that eye to thumb coordination, me's thinks she may have done that a few times.
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    She spent a lot of time seated... but can't say yes or no
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    This. Have fun girls, don't let bitter party poopers kill your vibe, they complain but they will be there and watch tomorrow anyway. Go R&R !
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    Can someone please send in The Thing to smash that annoying fucking post. I want to meet the architect who designed that idiotic POS! 😠
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    Honestly, I am a bit enthralled. I wish I spoke their language. It's like a real housewives episodes. Real Housegays of VH!
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    Drama galore! Is anyone really surprised? Makes for some great voyeurism though.
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    I take that real life cam told them to do the show just saying
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    Haha, I actually would love that! Too funny
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    you have to have a nice day tomorrow leora it will be a lot of work tomorrow for me a lot of electric work and new security cabinet see you tomorrow evening soon night for me
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