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    https://mab.to/uTrccLSkz (This Video has been re-uploaded to mab.to) StnCld316 - Forum Admin Note: Due to Spam & Malware Caused by Third Party Video Web Sites Those Links are Not Permitted. Irma,_Lia,_Mia_and_Stella_Sexy_Body_Panting_Party.mp4
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    I wonder how many fat guys there are on CC right now with very small dicks making fun of a fat guy on RLC with a small pecker surrounded by 4 ladies?
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    https://mab.to/oIU0bCzCl (This Video has been re-uploaded to mab.to) StnCld316 - Forum Admin Note: Due to Spam & Malware Caused by Third Party Video Web Sites Those Links are Not Permitted. Sexy_Stella_Drinks_Red_Wine_in_the_Tub.mp4
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    https://mab.to/t6d8nkl7l (This Video has been re-uploaded to mab.to) StnCld316 - Forum Admin Note: Due to Spam & Malware Caused by Third Party Video Web Sites Those Links are Not Permitted. Lia_Naked.mp4
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    I'm still going strong, watching her video, must be all that caffeine in me..
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    Fuck HUE, if you have a problem with her, your a click away of leaving, or just pay for it, and stop whining, like she owes you something..
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    Great to see you happy and hear you laughing on the couch. Good morning you sweet Leora. and it looks cozy out where you are now located insoffan and cuddling with Yeva. See that you get a nice day, when the sun is shining through your window. But whatever happens, and you do today, you should just take it easy and take care of yourself. Why not a little fresh round in the sun, though it is still a little chilly out there, and then come home and crawl under the blanket with a cup of tea that warms your hands. Take care you lovely goddess. ✨👌🌹💋
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    WOW Nicole is not much of a fuck. She lays there while the guy takes her from behind. DULL.
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    4 sexy girls, 3 bottles of wine, 2 twins, 1 English speaking dude, let the fun begin !
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    Dear all, we are aware of issues with cams in this apartment (audio de-sync and freezes on camera load sometimes) and will be assisting to apartment host with this problem. The reason is that this is totally independent House with their own equipment which we have never worked with (and will never work with this brand, after all). The solution is either swapping all the cameras to other manufacturer, or exploring some solutions on server side. Anyway, these cameras are not very reliable and host knows about these issues. Be sure we will find a solution for this apartment and will help it's manager to implement it. Cheers.
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    good morning to all and smack ..... I too have seen today the leora session this morning ... I found it exciting for me as woman location and manner were fine ..peccato scenes for audio which turned off a bit or show .... this time finally leora to dare more to pleasure yourself :))) good ...... I identify with girlish woman at times in her and I think I would not do anything to the contrary had to think not there is something more that she do something because you feel and desire not for external forcings ... with hardly forcing you also get nice things :) ..... I think (for women) that leora when it show or do it masturazione even for those who watch it definitely what makes her feel good and feel good ..... so I think the best thing is to look at a woman without asking questions because it's so or to please consider this ... is a woman is made so and what you should and should suffice ... My pensiro Milly
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    I admit that my comment wasn't nice, and I wrote it in the heat of the moment, out of pure frustration. (And I know I wasn't the only one feeling that way at that moment.) With that said, I'm not going to be soft-spoken all the time just because some people might frown upon any criticism of their godess and treat this forum as a shrine where the godess is to be only adored. If I see something I like, I praise. If there's something I don't like, well... I say what normal people say in such situations. And you can stone me now. And you're absolutely right when you say that she doesn't owe me anything. On the other hand, she doesn't live on an isolated island. She knows the story. She knows we're watching. She knows what most people want to see. And so she must be aware that there will be reactions to her actions. And if she reads this forum at all, I think she's been around long enough to be immune to occasional negative comments, and I wouldn't worry about her.
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    Everything That you lovely made now. was unbelievable wonderful to see and experience. Yes, it was probably the strongest orgasm you probably have had in a long time. This was something that you really needed Leora. To clear a bit of negative energy in your beautiful body. loved it. ✨🥂💋🌹
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    I truly feel sorry for ones who have to live lives without the privilege of visions of your exquisite and radiant beauty my love.
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    Sometimes I wonder if life is really worth it, then I look at your smile and know it is
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    The creator destroyed the mold when he created you my gorgeous and sexy love.
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    Leora is enjoying the slow sensual caresses with which to keep us spellbound. She has her audience in captivity with absolutely no attempt being made to escape, just anxiously awaiting her next moves.
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    yes he deserves much credit for his participation...honestly.....we should all give Alex a hand...but then he might get an erection.. thank you Alex, Ladies, Twins & Stella. all spent hours entertaining us. Irma, Master of Ceremonies, Always puts together a good time..Thank you Irma...
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    The light is visible to the cameras. It is not visible to the human eye. You see a light that is on because you are looking through a camera that can see light in the infrared spectrum. The people in the room do not see the light because the human eye does not see light in the infrared spectrum. That is how night-vision cameras work (as opposed to mere low light cameras). But whatever, it's not that important to me that you understand how the cameras work. Believe what you will.
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    The infrared light, the human eye does not see. So the occupants of the cameras, do not know if that light exists or not. Just an example. When Angie turns off the light, her shade is not completely down, so it always comes street light. You can usually see a little of the room, in that clear-dark that remains, until the moment the camera goes into night vision, at that moment, the room changes and we begin to see (after a flash) the room as if Was in black and white (actually we only see the infrared emission provided by these lamps) Without them, as has happened several times, we see the room in the dark.
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    She's dancing on the balcony right now...I'm waiting for her to blow the candles out later...
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    Oh what a trial. I feel so sad for him ... NOT! Honestly listen to you guys. He's having a time you can only dream of.
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    I'm sure I saw him walk in with a big black holdall bag last night when he arrived. Hope he's not planning to stay long term or until she leaves
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    She has taken the meaning of the word " Sensual " to its apex. Her beauty and her sensuality will not be surpassed other than by herself. The Goddess reigns on plateaus unreachable by mere mortals.
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    Guest was having a fun time.
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    Here is the proof, lights completely off and the vision night of the cameras running perfectly. It was in the truth, or failure of the local server or manipulation. I prefer the second.
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    Tonight Nina won a Miss contest in a restaurant. I can not show the pictures, but trust me, she was really beautiful!
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