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    Nope I saw it... And let me just add I'm okay with tan lines...
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    Rosey are you saying that according to Zinc,Sofie and the Goddess, GGGaaaasssppp has Zebra skin. Will wonders never cease that Zinc would say something like that. I thought they just had a good tan. Really like the one the Goddess has, it shows off the rings of white real good.
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    Here's a video of Tony & Margaret's vigorous little fuck session today. Very nice. Tony_&_Margaret_Fuck_2017-08-21_Cam_4_.mp4
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    Night mike...no eclipse here in DC but there was more than enough news coverage to get the point Oh yeah, have a nice night!!!
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    I don't even see anyone mentioning Anna on here anymore,,,the only time I hear Anna's name is when Noldus says "Anna just left or Anna just arrived" Lola is not my type and she may be a little bit too old for me,, I need a hottie not a mommy. Polya is another older girl that I don't really find any interest in either,,,hopefully they will leave soon,,, I need fresh meat not dried up beef jerky I need some fresh faces,,no more recycling for at least the next 6 months,,, It's like rebuying the same old junky car over and over again. I need a new Sports car that I can take out and see what she's made of underneath the hood.
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    Mike, RLC has to get rid of Anna, Lola and Polya for one thing and not bring them back. They are teaching the new girls how to do the minimum in the apts. and how to spend all their time outside of the apt. They need new blood outside the circle of friends. Then they need to set some kind of ground rules for the girls. Another problem is the girls reading CC and the trolls talking down at the girls. Would you like to be in front of the camera's for guys who do not appreciate you?
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    They need to get back into an apartment.
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    If the girls did not have tan lines we would not need beaches and without beaches we would not have tan lines. Then where would all the fun be. ENJOY TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT ALL THE TAN LINES.
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    Ya'll trippin... lol I can't see the posts you guys are talking about directly... their owners were put on Insta-Ignore™
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    Who's frustrated? I'm not frustrated, are you frustrated? Oh yes, you're frustrated with Sofie's zebra skin color and Leora's as well.
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    Still going strong on the games front - if you check back to see when they started then the time code in this picture says it all
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    For those who enjoy watching the normal life of pretty young women. Those are not fun to tease voyeurs, they have their lives simply. Thanks to Hope85 and some others to continue to illustrate this thread.
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    guess you will just have to find an apartment where someone is home that you can talk about
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    Lisa got changed/dressed, looks like might be leaving the apartment
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    Agree. Goodbye Chloe
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    http://keep4u.ru/image/StrVi http://keep4u.ru/image/StrVX http://keep4u.ru/image/StrV6 http://keep4u.ru/image/StrVC http://keep4u.ru/image/StrVH
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    https://www.4shared.com/folder/Psp8B-qi/006/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/UQbkfakD/011/Camera_LG-F500L.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/feou1NZz/027/Camera_A37f.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/UEcOJO3L/002/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/1n4yRFUv/003/Camera_SM-J320M.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/UEcOJO3L/002/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/R6eJSSCZ/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/iX3oqYAb/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME
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    I like the couples RLC has on there. They are all good peeps i think. I speak English, they speak Russian, or Spanish or other and I love that actually. Gives a mysterious component into but have I thought about recording some of this and finding some Russian to translate? hell yeah! i get curious!! haha but the couples are solid in my opinion. Watching Paul earlier with Leora was sweet earlier yesterday and how they joke with each other - she fucking adores him and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. She knows that too which is great to see. He's a very mellow guy, but it doesn't make him bad. Anyhow, I like RLC and what they do - and am thankful for their free cams. I like peeking in on them all. Seeing Nina naked on couch the other night was cool - she's cute when she lets herself .. lately seems she's lightening up. Matrina is pretty as hell omg reminds me of somene i dated... haha Wait where was i going with this rant? Sorry guys - im just a fan of RLC
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    https://www.4shared.com/folder/R6eJSSCZ/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME https://www.4shared.com/folder/iX3oqYAb/_online.html?detailView=false&sortAsc=true&sortsMode=NAME
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    I didn't detect an accent, but that might just have been the song or that particular concert. Suffice to say, both these girls have some amazing talents. As for Doe Eyes; I think she's pretty sweet. I don't have a problem with these girls except for the fact that they probably would not be interested in romancing a old male squirrel.
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    If you are talking about the woman I think you are talking about, I have a video of her singing (can't post it; it's outside material). She sings beautifully, and can sing in English without an accent.
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    So, last weeks it has been a bit quiet on the N&K-front. Some cheers, some tears. Doe Eyes is still there sometimes, but less often than before. Most nights they are out rehearsing or playing. I like the new black hair of Nina. It suits her.
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    Well done! Why don't we have more gifs in the VV/VH forums? This one tells the story so well. This post has got to be worth at least 500 likes. Lol