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    This girl has talent. She can bate & chew gum simultaneously. Even has time for a selfie when she's through. Gotta take her home to ma & pa for Easter dinner. https://nofile.io/f/Qoj52PHy0TZ/FeedTheKitty-1-20180323.mp4 or https://mab.to/SFEsnH2Fw (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    she is there doing her thing, she is alone this days james is missing and lisa doing her thing
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    she can't arrange hardcore parties, cause some obsessive and officious whistleblowers would be ready to inform Kremlin about illicit stuff
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    spanking improves turgidity of buttocks
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    looks like ana has 5 guys for her belated birthday gangbang!
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    The girls were doing ok and George didn't hinder what they were doing he was trying to help.
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    Natty, Stew and a new couple there.
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    I think he was apologising for when they got shut down on first days of apartment.
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    Yes. But Misty is a fighter. She went alone - to the part of plan that they (Misty&#40 with Anna help) planned tonight. Maybe when the #40 sober, they are again peace&love. He was already pack bags in one of the previous quarrels and eventually they reconciled. We'll see.
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    ZE81: I think your evening will be good if you see your love of Mel Mel is very pleasant and with Mary very accomplice .... together are always crazy limit U will See ....
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    Yeah I was laughing alright, I know you just messing around and have a dirty mind, like me!
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    veronica's outfit is very nice!
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    Well ! I was following the party online, had to leave and when I returned the apartment was already out of line. Fortunately however, I still had the preview of it stuck on my screen, because I had not updated the page. So based on the comments that happened here in the forum I was able to literally scan the timeline and verify that what occurred was totally unknown to both. I was anxiously waiting for the result of the investigation, which I myself had done in part. So, I think they are a little collected, because parties like this, even with confidence to those who have made them vulnerable, and now without extra "lives" for a new occurrence. Crazy parties, which possibly was the "order of the day" for this venue will have to be revised or better planned. As it was with NAS membership. So reducing the number of guests and being more selective in order to proceed (including with attention to violence) in my understanding is the way for this project again to be able to move forward with its original intention. And of course, be on the alert for the "moralists" on duty we have here (with or without third intentions). And I use the term "moralists" in this way, because in other projects ( and competing sites) we do not see the act, but we can very well interpret the attitudes and behaviors that make it evident from them, take place. Antidopin examination is based on consequences of .And not on present practice practiced. And welcome to our CC forum. We need a lot of members to help us understand comments and attitudes in their mother tongue to avoid wrong and biased interpretations. Of course, protecting your privacy (real names and confidential and personal comments).
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    good! new guests... thanks for translating what they say ...
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    Nice and clean I must admit. Good work, Em
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    es she did...but the mop was an unusual instrument for her, she had some fight... But look now, guys, doesn´t it look like an invitation???
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    I think we all enjoy variety. Yes I make no secret of the fact that I enjoy nudity and that no situation could not be improved by a lack of panties, but we all like to see the girls being happy and enjoying themselves as well. Yesterday and this morning Jasmin My Belle and Blair I've seen be very happy and it's all been enjoyable. I love it. When My Belle dances loving life like she does.
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    Well, Nica has been spending a lot of time naked lately, and I don't mind that at all. She has an insanely hot body
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    @groomy can you tell us the name of the shaved pussy cat please?
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    the apartment failed before even start, thanks to participants, but also thanks to some "wonderful" cc users. I'd like to share your optimism, but I think it's over.
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    2 weeks or more. Actually today they have plans for the evening. Which most likely will not be realized (because of the quarrel and the fact that #40 already drunk). Actually, one of the reasons for the quarrel (only one) - that Misty did not want to drink more and get ready to go home, because in the evening have plans. #40 continue to celebrate here and buy new portion of alcohol (it was made).
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    I can't speak for everyone, but I promise to give you my completely honest opinion...with every single practice vid. I hope you were laughing out loud, 'cause I couldn't even type it with a straight face.
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    I love it. She puts everything she has into it.
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    Kira doing workouts. She is a strong and very flexible girl! And she has excellent taste in music. I will start using RLC as a radio station
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    Ray should tell her to be more close to the cams... not just do the shows in front of them
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    Lol she was bating when interrupted by a phone call and her voice was like you could easily recognize how horny she is:
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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