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    Leora Enjoying Anal.... (The Image Content is No Longer Accessible)
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    Girls Wanna Have Fun Part 2 like it if you want more
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    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun like it if you want more
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    I want to live in there like it's a little tiny VJ house.
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    Did you know there are more Bum Cheeks and Nipples on the Planet than People ....It's a True Story.
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    16.02 1:25 am in the bedroom Nicole says that after waking up she has to wait long time for Estelle to get up. She would like to get up early and do something together. Estelle explains that she has not enough sleep and does not want to sleep later in the day. Nicole says that if she went to bed around 1 am she would get enough sleep. E says that she is accustomed to sleep by herself and therefore can not fall asleep and does not get enough sleep. For two years she sleeps alone and now with N she can't get good sleep. N: Why do I get up today, yesterday ...? E: Because you are you and me is me. People are different from each other. N: Someone persuaded you that you should sleep alone ... All my friends are able to sleep in pairs. Why are you the only one ...? E: Because I'm a different. Increasingly they raise their voice and outshout one another. N: Someone persuaded. The first time I meet someone like that. I slept on the camps with my friends ... only you are so special ... E: Do I tell you what you're doing wrong in your life? N: That's not what I mean. I wish we had planned something together ... E: I do not want ... N: I did not go anywhere ...because you will have good sleep. "God gives to those who get up in the morning." . Already more than once I offered, we got up early and you ignore me. I am patient but in the end get angry. E: Screw you. N: Oh, great. That is an answer by someone who does not know what to say. I see that you are similar to Danaya. You said that you are so great and you are really not different. E: You start an argument about half past two in the morning. Are you disturbed when you were lying? I spoke to you? N: You've been drinking wine alone? Cool. You came to me ...? E: You've been waiting until two in the morning to tell me that? N: ... you come to me? Something I said? E: Girl! Slow down! N: Do not talk to me. E: Do not teach me how to live. N: I do not teach you how to live your life just do not want you saying I'm selfish ... E: Of course, you're selfish. Even now, when you see that this conversation does not make me pleasure you trying to force to continue. How do I say that you get it? You are piles of wood? At half past two in the morning! N: Are you awake now? E: I want to relax ... outshout one another. N: Do not shout ... E goes into the living room. N: I needed this conversation. I'm trying to understand you, and I can not. E: You're dumb. N: You're dumb. You yell at me and can't explain properly. Estelle: I have nothing to explain ... N: Close the door and go to sleep. E is preparing a place to sleep in the living room. E: You live in the world of sex. I did not expect that from you. N: I did not expect this from you. The first situation was with Marco ... E interrupts and says she does not care about the guys. N: The problem is with you, not with men. E starts talking in the living room you can not hear the beginning. She comes back with cushions: ... your eternal whims, your conflicts that you constantly starting. I'm not going to be out of this room. N: Please do not yell. E: Oh. "Please do not yell" !!! N closes the door to the living room: Just so I am. I succumb to emotions. E: You do not succumb to emotions but you're twisted. N: Whaaat? E: You're twisted girl !! lost in life!!! Who does not understand what to do !!! N: You can only scream. E: Yes. Because you simply fucked over, with your pussy !!! I can not say otherwise. Out. Returns: I sleep as I want, I eat, I drink as I want !! N: Quiet. 1: 31 am N: You came here to scream? You first started to scream today. You made fuss already today. E: That's because you fucked this month. N: What? E: "What" " I do not understand. "Why you play a fool? After all, you know exactly what are your lies. "I'm a girl," "Do not shout at me," "Do not curse at me," "I'm so sensitive." And that, to arrange "crap" you're the first. N: I never shout. E: Oh, you do not scream. Now I have not scream. N: Oh, thank you for doing me this favor. E: What can I say?I did not need these holidays. N: The first situation ... E: Do not tell compare situations. If you do not understand your scams that means you're dumb. N: Oh yes of course, I do not understand anything ... E: You do not understand anything. What was with Vanya you didn't understand. N: I understood. E: In two - three years you get to what I told you today. N: What two years. I realized this when I broke up with him. What has Vanya to do with this? It's my business. I do not criticize your relationship with Ilya and do not criticize your relationship with Misha. It's your life. Why you cling to my relationship with Vanya? You... allow yourself, do not interrupt, let me tell yourself "oh now I know what Vanya was going through." E: Because I realized Vanya that when I thought that he was too much ... N: He was too much ... E: it is, in fact, what you were doing ... that he deserves thanks for the fact that he was with someone like you. N: He deserves No thanks. I see that I meet same people. E: And why do you think? E: Look. If you think you're so perfect ... E: I do not think I'm perfect ... I just do not allow myself, that little girl like you to teach me how to live. N: I do not teach you life. As a friend, I'm telling you what I think and I do not think that I have to teach you life. If we're friends why I have no right to tell you this, this and this. E: I asked for your opinion? N: Wait ... E: Did I now, just now I was asking you about your opinion? I told you that I do not want to talk. N: When I drank wine you came to me and said you want to talk. What was that provocation? If you do not want to talk do not pay attention to me that I drink wine and do not come up to me. I try to distance myself from those quarrels ... E: And why at half past two in the morning you start to fuck my brain. N: I do not fuck your brain. I asked only when you get up tomorrow ? You said that you do not know. I want to at least once arrange something as it should be. E: Don't you see that you go mad. N: Today You drove me to this. Today I experienced disappointment. E: Everyone disappoint you and you're so poor and miserable ... N: I'm not poor and unhappy I am someone ordinary who today was disappointed. E: And at half past two in the morning you fuck my brain and provoke a fight. T N: You were my role model such wise woman but when I first saw the situation with Marco ... Later they talk about some events that took place in Ukraine. N constantly returns to the theme of Marco. All this takes E out of balance and further criticizes N which leads to an explosion. E reiterates that it does not want to continue to talk but does not interrupt the conversation. Earlier they argued because of water, which Nicole drank after returning. N said that she wanted to go to the store to get water but E accused her that she drank the water. E does not react and leaves the room. After her return N still does not give up the subject of joint plans. Says she now starts to get up earlier because she wants to spend time usefully. She can not understand why they can not plan something together. E: Because I live in this way. N tells her to leave her alone. The water. subject is discussed again. Nicole does not understand why Estelle had grievances. E: My dear during the month you fucked me over me so much that I am now forced to just such reactions. And you do not understand just how ram whacks his head against the wall instead of leaving me alone. Until you start to criticize my way of life. Do I keep reminding you that you fuck with the guys on the left and right? Nicole agitated: I do not fuck with the guys on the left and right. Do I have to tell you who fucks on the left and right? I like sex. If you do not need it do not judge each other. My body needs it. For one's health. That does not mean that I met the first guy and with him went, I met with him a second and then went to the third and fourth ... E: How many guys you've had in 3 months? Four? N: Three. So what? So what?! Do not you judge me. Because it is my personal life. I'm not picking up on your. Misha, Ilyusha, Timur ... do not judge anyone. Even when Jessica and Michelle want to appear on the webcam, approx. E: You badmouth them. N: No, I bitched about Jessica just because she started to argue with me. At the beginning we were friends. We just do not fit to each other characters. Nicole says that at the start it was going well with Estelle. She says that before she invited Estelle she was wondering with her mother if she should do it because it can lead to quarrel because of different values. N says that she discussed this subject also with Ruslan. Estelle protests against that Nicole invited her to live with her. N explains if she had not agreed to living with her in the same room then E would never come to Barcelona. E offended tells her not to worry because she will soon leave. Again Estelle reproaches Nicole's selfishness. N again urged her to try to change her way of life. That she gets up at the latest at 11:30 so they go together somewhere. She says that they both need it. Try to get a new experience. Saturate the atmosphere of the country. Experience new emotions. E: I'm being charged with the atmosphere and emotions. Constantly reminds Nicole of the late hour. N notes that they do not usually go to sleep before 3 am, and it is only 2 am. Later, for a long time in the same conversation over and over again. The selfishness, water etc. At some point Estelle states that it took her three weeks to realize who really Nicole was and that she with such people is not friendly and does not have anything in common. She alleged Nicole that she became friends with her just to tie up with Vanya. Nicole keeps telling her to not mention Vanya because she is over with him. She has no respect for him and I did not love him and will not return to him. Later mutual allegations of spending money. N says that how can she trust E since promised to return the money to her parents and still did not do it. E alleges that since she supported N in a dispute with the girls and her relations with them are not the best. N says that today E wanted on the phone discuss Vanya and such issues should be discussed at home and not on the phone. E: But you said that such things you do not talk at home . N shows the balcony. E says that at this moment it is too cold to talk on the balcony. N: Not at the moment only when we were dressed. Again they discuss that when who screamed. N is trying to explain herself because of emotions. E: If you are mentally ill it should be treated. Again, they start shouting. E explains that she does not correspond to the fact that N is trying to impose her own style of life. E: Do not you learned that you should act tactfully. After N again stirs. After another fracas N comes out saying that her throat ached. About 3:33 Nicole is in the kitchen making food. Approx. 3:41 comes E complaining that N is making noise and bothers everyone to sleep. She threatens to complain to their "friend". N asks her to leave her alone and that her head hurts. E slams the door of the cabinet which nearly jammed N fingers. N calls out her aggressive behavior. She begins to lose control. Angrily throws a juice, tries to get E out of the kitchen. She says that since E told her to screw off she does not want to know her anymore. She was warned not to sleep with a friend in the same room because it will end badly. E: If you are a friend, it is fine ... N: And if this is so fucked up Estel then yes. End. Exit. Estelle does not want to leave her alone and keeps bothering Nicole claims she makes noise on purpose. Repeatedly asks E to leave, and she's had enough. E laughs and scoffs: Poor, unhappy. N: I do not understand why you do it. Now she sees a person other than that she knew at home. And now when E arrived .... N: The situation with Marco opened her eyes. Etc. E still laughing: What nonsense you're talking about. In the hall hushed voices say something about Marco. You can hear how E complains that Nicole is like a leech. Drains of the people all the power. N says that E looks and behaves like a gorilla from the program in the animal world. Estelle in turn, complains that she lacks reasons and experience. N says she knows her price. E throws a cloth. E gets the word: For how much you sell yourself to the boys? How much to show this? (Lifts shirt showing her chest). € 2,000? 5 blouses, 5 dresses? N: Get out. She ceases to control herself. runs into the hall and throws her fists on E. In the living room E hits N in the face. Then N jumps on her and pins her to the floor: Did you calm down? She lets her go and goes to the kitchen. E revolves around the living room and then go after N. 3:53 in the kitchen. N washes spilled juice. E:You're shit and not human. N: Get out. E: I'll tell your mother to sent you to a psychiatric hospital. Vanya from the beginning was right. N: Go away. E: What a people? Rot. Fuu! Stinking shit. N: What kind of woman are you? You're acting like a guy. E: And you? And you? N: Smell the flowers with your ass. End. I am the worst and you're the best. Go away. E: No. I do not pretend that I'm good. They continued discussion such as before. Finally, E goes to the living room. N goes to her room and E remains in the living room. N is not sleeping and about 5:13 dresses, packs and leaves. 5:20 E moves from the living room to the bedroom and falls asleep.
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    Jessica get your sexy ass back here we miss you already! You can stay in Irma's room she won't mind!
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