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    Cadeau les amis de Leora leora in bed (video) images (aperçut)
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    a small gif, not mine, all tnx to the op (I'm just deleting it)! 🙂 https://mab.to/h8laqGaiT
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    Voici les nouveaux liens: Hotscopes - RLC Aout 2019 Hotscopes - Nina & Kira Aout 2019
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    Not funny but cute 70859455_2339264869723397_3168935499301650432_n.mp4
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    Merci de reposter des vidéos en les renommant et évidemment en omettant de signaler qui les avait postées la première fois. Il y a définitivement un gros manque d'honnêteté et de reconnaissance sur ce forum.
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    13_09_2019 VIDEO:https://mab.to/TeaY2aDhJ
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    Seems like yesterday Anabella was hiding under the covers when somebody knocked on the bedroom door when she was naked with Salma. What a long way she came (oh boy did she). Gorgeous lady with an amazing body. I wish her the best and hopefully we will see her again someday. We now live in a postAnabella world and I, like The South, have a long way to recover.
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    Holly needs to stop being Megan's apprentis. No one wears a bathing suit at home. Not everything has to be a cam show. Just do things your own way. Holly's first masturbations were great!
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    and just to think( damira) was on her first stay and she was a star...and sofie is on her 4th stay. and she is just as worthless as her first stay....worthless as her two roommate that do as she tells them to do …..
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    I completely agree! I think everything, even your smile and your beautiful face, goes in its perfect proportion! Clara is a complete beauty! I'll miss her so much!
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    Belueve it, I'm pretty hammered already! Lol, if I get a hold on something hard, you'll be the 1sth to know. Well maybe the 2ond! Maybe I'll pull my shorts down and stary and orgy [email protected]
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    Mother phoned and said get back to the Basement.
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    Muchas gracias Hope85 viniendo de ti es un hermoso cumplido. De hecho, fue hace un mes y lo recordé después de ver tu GIF. Merci beaucoup Hope85 venant de toi c'est un magnifique compliment. En fait cela date d'un mois et je m'en suis rappelé apres avoir vu ton GIF.
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    RLC: "Leora, we are likely going to have to close the site down due to member cancellations. We'd like you to rejoin us in another country but we are concerned that Paul will not be interested." Leora: "Paul who??"
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    may soon appear at Masha briefly
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    If RLC is so desperate to bring them again (and I am afraid they will), I am voting to put Sofie, Belle and Megan together in an MOV (Matures on Vacation) apartment. They definitely had their times, have obviously nothing to add and do not look motivated at all when they perform their shows (especially Sofie and Megan). Belle was acting more vivid than the others - especially when she reached the appropriate alcohol level - and showed up with a "BF" for her latest stay, but her single performance is always the same. I know some guys will start crying and grousing - as always - I don't want to spoil them the joy for the girls. These girls are certainly nice and I enjoyed their appearance at their first and maybe on their their second stay. After that I had seen enough of them and do prefer to see new girls in the apartments. This is my personal oppinion and I am open and interested, to hear other oppinions, too. But I will ignore insulting comments.
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    Made a pleasant change I thought. No harm done and these people are genuine fans of the two ladies, so why not for a moment or two?...
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    I started with one of those Computers as well Tandy TRS80 Color Computer. Has 128k of memory and ran on Floppies and a Tape Recorder to upload your work to. Had it upgraded to 256k and cost $150 for the upgrade. Very easy to write DOS Programs and chugged away on a Dial Up 28k Modem.. Had an Old Daisy Wheel Printer as well that worked with it.
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    This is a very strange trio. They have all possibilities of pleasing each other, but they are finally more interested in their phones. Why do they gather every night on Sofia´s bed? Just for teasing each other a bit, but not pleasing?
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    starts with Mr.Red in LR and continues in BR
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    I will miss Debby and Anabella. They show so much expressions and emotions in their faces - positive and negative - and I really enjoy watching them. Megan's artificial face is like a mask.
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    No entiendo cual es el problema, el enlace los lleva a la página de MEGA, ahí verán el nombre del archivo RAR e ir a DESCARGAR, luego verán en la parte superior de la pantalla el proceso de la descarga, una vez descargado la contraseña para descomprimirlo es PRIVADO (con mayúsculas). Además veo por los agradecimientos que fueron descargados muchas veces sin problema. Aclaren cual es realmente el problema que tienen.
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    Muchas gracias por el apoyo, entonces seguiré subiendo compendios a la pagina.
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    Dance while working Almost like Snow White 2019-09-10 11-31-Dance while working.mp4
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