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    Leora and Eva, Leora and Paul's dog, have been part of the daily life of rlc subscribers for several years, it is perfectly normal to ask how Eva can go, because the dog was close to Leora before the apartments were cut in Russia
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    (Image Content No Longer Available)
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    Either way. Time for her and Masha to move on. The book of ideas is
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    What a shame. They were such enjoyable tenants and really fun to watch.
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    I guess the definition between exhibitionist and voyeurism has changed so much these days, but it's more in tune of what we're experiencing right now, but what motivates a cam girl is tokens( money that has been converted into tokens), if you pay her enough tokens it's more possible that she will grant you a visual sexual request
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    I remember they had a fun evening with wine and orange juice, they woke up until the morning to dance, but then the time had been bad maybe due to too much drinking😂
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    Good morning everyone kiss, you could also talk about the pillow with which Eva had fun .... But we will not do it ahahahaha, we will not discuss the type of seams that qul pillow had been made given its tightness, ahahahah🤣🤣🤭
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    Hopefully by this time next week, our girls will be having this same exciting conversation totally nude... OK, I know I am hoping and wishing for something way too soon, but I can dream
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    Probably just to stretch her legs, and get something to eat. Plus I can't help but think that Leora will give Emi a quick tour of the neighborhood.
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    So you admit that health costs are catastrophic and you have to choose whether or not you can afford insurance. Thankfully the UK takes care of ALL of its people without anyone having to worry if they can afford it or not which seems to be a more humanitarian way of caring for it's people than the USA seems to have.
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    Just got off from work, so I thought I would just check in, and it's great to see our princess is still resting
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    Our Lady has little sense of space or time. Just her true fans!
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    Lol looked like Boris Becker first of all at first glance.
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    real guest ?? the girls you see are not holograms, they are real people, we pay to see the inhabitants of the apartments, not the external people
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    Our princess seems to have some alone time, so let's see what transpires from it
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    The most common sense response in this entire thread. Kudos
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    This must be one of the biggest moves of her life, and after watching the replay, it's very noticeable seeing the emotional weight that's on her shoulders as its happening
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    I just woke up, and after seeing the new addition to this apartment, it's going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out
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    Nina's Transformation (2 Parts) hair1.mp4
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    Keep the Dream going. It likely will never happen. 🤣
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    She's probably happy to just be alive. The sad thing is that she had to do it alone. If any one of us were there we surely would have brought her hot and cold compresses, honey and lemon, homemade chicken soup, any medication necessary and of course, a lot of snuggling.
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    On that note, I hate to take advantage of a woman just recently brought back to health but DAYUM that camera 3!😍
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    This not okay, that she is rewarding this guy for the worse cam adjustment with her pussy.
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    Now you are being just plain awkward and silly. The NHS is funded out of general taxation so it you want to be technical about it, no it is not free in that sense. But we,the general public, can receive medical care for whatever medical reason without having to find funds out of our salaries. Whether it be minor problems,heart attacks, cancer or whatever without any fear of having to find £1000's of pounds additionally from our savings. Now is that clear enough for. In addition we do not have to fear even losing our homes to pay for care which I understand can happen and does, in america.
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    Are you looking for "Voyeur" "Hidden" camera pussy? Want a "Genuine" "Voyeur" experience? Want to "Spy" on "Hot girls and "Passionate couples"? "Spycams", "Voyeurs" Never read so much laughable crap in all my days (well except from Leora & Barca girls pages) LOL
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    Leora's hot soaking bath created smiles, and laughter. She is showing signs of feeling better, her appetite has returned.😊
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    Thanks Ash for letting us know about this sad event. As you have said "one of the greatest drummers whoever lived". RIP Neil!
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    This is really not a criticism, but Leora is too beautiful of a person, that is smart & caring to be lonely, you just don't leave a woman like this, like you leave a car or a dog, you have a treasure in Leora, and that someone in particular needs to be there looking after her, because this particular person has to know, there are a lot of real men who would love to pull Leora's financial and all the above load of hers to make her happy..... and again I I'm just making a comment, and in no way am I'm trying to get anyone upset towards me for doing it
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    don't worry, it never happened I just made a little joke because it's always this theory that comes out when rlc puts an apartment in maintenance, especially when there is a guy who is present at the same time of maintenance, so why not do that too with Bogdan
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    Bernie is beating Trump in every head to head poll that has been taken up to this date. a lot can change between now and the election day, but as things stand, Bernie has a better chance of becoming president if He is the Democratic presidential nominee.
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    Internet Download Manager
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