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  1. Buonasera, sarebbe possibile annullare l'abbonamento premium a camcaps poiché non trovo nulla di interessante nella categoria ?


  2. Buonasera, sarebbe possibile annullare l'iscrizione a camcaps poiché non trovo nulla di interessante nella categoria premium?


  3. You can now add a personal "Tip Jar" URL to your profile. Using the Tip Me button members can send one another tips using sites such as PayPal.Me. These tips are sent directly from one member to another via a third-party wallet link, CamCaps.net does not capture nor store any information related to the resulting transaction. This is a feature that we are testing out. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Tipping is 100% optional, demanding or excessively begging for tips will result in a warning on the first offense, and a temporary ban on the second. How to add your Tip Me link: Click on your Name next to your avatar in the upper right hand corner Click "Account Settings" Click on "Tip Me Settings" in the left hand menu (near the bottom). Add your direct payment url. The Tip Me button looks like this:
  4. Hi there. I am not satisfied with the website. I thought it would have more updated videos and I find to have a lot of old videos and and a lot of people only discussing and putting prt screens.

    Because of that I am not going to take advantage of it as I should.

    "Refund Policy: Refunds can be requested by sending your request to [email protected] or  @Admin using the forum messaging system. We offer refunds on case by case basis. In the case of a system or billing error we will offer a full refund. We will also offer a full refund if the request is made within the first two hours after a purchase. "



  5. I want to activate the subscription

  6. I've just payed for Premium Membership using CCBill for 1 year, but the site shows i am not a premium member. Please help to clear this situation Thanks, Gabor

  7. could you update my profile as i have paid please.

    1. StnCld316


      Just forward me the e-Mail Conformation you have received to  [email protected]  and I can get it looked after.  


  8. Lrf

    cancel, unsubscribe

  9. Lrf

    i have orderd my membership on 28.03.2020 , did had the wrong email there, wanted pay again but did not let me, can you help.

    Abo-Nr.: 05200886010xxx00041
  10. cancel, unsubscribe

    1. StnCld316


      If you check your PM I will be able to help you get your Premium Membership Activated.

  11. cancel, unsubscribe


  12. I want to remind everyone that we have a strict policy against posting underage content. That includes embedding images, linking to, or otherwise making available underage content. Consistent with this policy, today I banned without warning a member of more than 2-years for posting embedded third-party image links in clear violation of this policy. I say this as a warning; don't post that stuff here. To be clear, do not post content or make threads using or employing any of the following: Nude beaches featuring children, families, or the unknowing public. I don't care if it is "technically" legal, or legal where it was taken, don't post it. Stolen, hacked, or illegally "leaked" content. Any type of unethically recorded voyeur content: "up skirts", "hidden cam", "spy cam", "secret cam", etc. Unless it is clearly a work of fiction, role play, or willful act of exhibitionism. Pictures, videos, links, or content featuring underage persons, or anyone that looks to be questionable. This is a simple rule. Follow it! Any image or video that appears to have been taken illegally, maliciously, or without the knowledge or consent of the subject. Any type of "revenge porn" or pictures referring to previous relationships (I.g, "ex girlfriend"). Unless it is clearly a professionally produced work of fiction. I am not playing around with this. If you have questions, ask. I won't be giving second chances. Also, if you see something that looks questionable or illegal report it. - A
  13. I think that the industry has normalized. Back when it was a relatively new niche it got a lot of attention, now that it has been established for 10+ years I think that the overall interest has gone down, but there is still a large core group that keeps the industry alive. I don't know where the industry is going, but CC will be here to talk about.
  14. Good idea. I think I am going to test this one out.
  15. I can certainly appreciate that perspective, especially given that I am the person who pays the bills to keep it running mostly at a loss. In truth the forum hasn't gotten as much attention or promotion as it should have, it's kind of been the "red headed step child". I've reduced the number of websites in the Depraved Media portfolio to just handful that I want to focus on improving and promoting, discussed.cc being one of them. The internet as a whole and the real life cam industry have changed at lot since 2012 when CamCaps was fist started. I am trying to embrace and better understand the change rather than fight against it. I am committed to keeping the community open as long as people continue to find value in it. The re-brand is not just a new name, it's a new focus, and a new vision. "If you do not change, you can become extinct" - Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese?
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