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  1. And every time he tried that she thankfully pushed him away or moved away. He even resorted in the end to opening his legs when wearing her dressing gown to show himself only for her to deliberately ignore it and finally cover him up. By that point he finally got the message. I was so worried in her drunken state that she could end up making such a terrible mistake but she did not. She won and he lost. Good!! What a loser.
  2. If such an event like that ever happened Sir then it would wreck their reputations for many of their fans in one fell swoop. Some of us would have been horrified for it to stoop to such a low level. Thank God that Malia was never remotely interested in that Dick Head.
  3. Absolutely spot on with how it went Sir. I saw it live and she was ok until that phone call came in just as she was getting ready for bed. Whatever it was about in the end is still making her cry on and off until late tonight/early morning.
  4. Leora is laughing and smiling now with Malia at the program they are watching. Good to see! Been really awful seeing both of them in tears this weekend.
  5. Ok no problem. I was only saying she got a lot of positive things and sympathy said too. Not criticizing your post at all i hope you know.
  6. Not sure about that Sir! Lots of people felt really sorry for her especially on Saturday and i dont know about blame?
  7. She is alternating between smiling looking at the phone and tablet but is now in tears again. Her emotions are all over the place. Whatever it was about has really cut into her.😢
  8. I agree totally Sir. She needs a shoulder to cry on and Malia is there for her to do so. This is where she has someone to rely on.
  9. I am no mind reader but i think i may be able to guess the answer if she was asked Do you prefer tonight or Saturday night? She may need a few seconds to think......😁
  10. I can imagine that Malia is sat there thinking to herself " Now this is more like it"!😊
  11. Lets hope so Sir. Malia deserves it after this weekend! Especially after the visit from that Jerk.
  12. Here is a tip Girls. Instead of keep moving ever so slightly because the sun is in your eyes, why not just pull the curtain across! It will solve it!😆
  13. I saw that too Sir. She was crying after the call in the toilet and looked very upset. But now she is changing from laughing and smiling with Malia to looking sad again. Her emotions look all over the place today.
  14. I think this is the third time i said this but i do have to repeat! She has been The Savior Of The Apartment this week and of such quality. Going out of her way to give her audience something in return. Such a pity what she then had to deal with on Saturday.
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