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  1. This is indeed her friend from back home, but she does speak to Paul every day still.
  2. I'm sorry Joe but my quotes have been taken totally out of context regarding the original reason why i wrote them. They were answering and defending unwarranted criticism of Malia and her alleged affect inside the apartment, and whether she was stopping things happen tonight, not about Leora and her behavior whatsoever. I need to point this out, to be fair to myself and L&M.
  3. I, like anyone else here, have absolutely no idea what is going on in their heads regarding anything, but i can imagine both have a hundred clashing emotions rushing around in there. It's a convoluted, complex yet at the same time very straightforward situation for each. Both love it, but neither want to hurt the other, which is why things only happen when they do. Yet when they do, the guard drops.
  4. Not sure about what could follow, we may have seen the max, but even that is far far more than anyone could have thought. The reason why it continues is simple - It's genuine emotion & means something to both of them. This IS the real part. Anyone who calls it fake wants their head examining! Blimey, the body language towards the end of the last massage was at decibel levels of a Who gig!! (And the longer they keep away from the booze the better!!)
  5. Malia has added a whole new dimension to Leora's overall life. True, lockdown made things get uncomfortable naturally for a short while and things became edgy, but since then, her new found freedom outside (Which a lot still don't agree with, because no one should have privacy off cam of course....) has brought out another new thing, and made the girls closer than ever before. Whether you are a fan of Malia or not, that's irrelevant, it is all down to HER to bring something out in Leora that even she didn't know was there. No one could have predicted any of this, which has made things that have happened even more spectacular at times.
  6. Same here! Soon as she went outside i thought this looks unusual?
  7. I know, it's just something i've never seen her do before. Love just to ask her is everything ok! Being the caring protector that i am!
  8. Well i do, she was listening to sad music and just holding the phone to her chest. That's the way i see it. Could be totally wrong but it is just how it looks to me. Plus i've never seen her do this at this time of night in the dark either.
  9. Can i just point out that whilst everyone is watching Leora do her thing, at the same time, Malia is on the balcony, wrapped in her blanket looking very sad. No idea why this is happening of course but it is.
  10. Only replying to others who had suggested it. I did say unlikely. Don't shoot the messenger please.
  11. Unlikely though possible, she was looking at photos of herself taken around the city both on the bed and couch, then suddenly went off to her room, so this was maybe what she was going to do anyway.
  12. Now you see, she's pushed her door to, so people could get what they want! So the complaints will stop for a while and the praise will return.
  13. Yeah, she sat on the couch for a while then just went off and got into bed straight away. Odd.
  14. Tell your friend a good couple of weeks yet. That's what my friend told me. 😊
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